Should We Break Up The Biggest Museums To Save Them?

louvre crowds

Hrag Vartanian, on the crowding that afflicts such museums as the Louvre, the Met, the Hermitage, the Tate, and the National Gallery (both U.S. and U.K.): “We need to break up the major museums. That may sound radical to some, but it’s an idea whose time has come. I’m suggesting not that museums sell off their collections but that more museums consider aggressively building outposts or prioritizing longer-term partnerships with smaller or newer institutions that could benefit from such relationships.”

A Festival Of “Dangerous Ideas”


“Our objective in presenting dangerous ideas is not that these ideas be promoted or adopted, but simply that they be encountered and, thus, assessed on their merits. … We believe that ideas of all kinds are best exposed to the light of reason and discernment.”

“The Internet Is A Cargo Cult”: The Fundamental Reason Why Songwriters (Or Any Content Creators) Have Trouble Making Money On The Web


David Lowery of Cracker and Camper van Beethoven: “People worship the Internet like a cargo cult. It’s this thing that they have that brings them free stuff, and they think it’s magic. … They don’t want to hear that behind the way you get this free stuff, some really actually fucked-up things have happened to individuals and their individual rights.”

Daniel Ezralow Launches New Dance Company


“With this new company of 9 dancers, I want to build a creative home for the huge amount of repertory I’ve developed around the world. Being an eclectic artist means that I’ve been lucky enough to jump from film to TV to stage, but there’s been no way until now to collect everything into a single body of work.” Ezralow Dance debuts this month at the Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

Arab Film Fests Get Bigger, And Highlight Local Talent


“The fall festival slot, which includes the Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo and the Marrakech film festivals, offers significant opportunities for Arab filmmakers to stump for financing and make crucial connections within the industry, as well as a portal in which to take their work beyond the region.”

Salzburg’s Director Leaves A Lackluster Festival Behind As He Heads To La Scala


Alexander Periera “was reflective about his struggles with the budget in Salzburg, where he arrived after more than 20 years at the Zurich Opera House to discover that the locked subsidies had created a large financial hole. ‘I was so charmed by being asked back into my home country that I didn’t do due diligence,’ he said. ‘And that was a big mistake.'”