How The Onion’s Art Department Works


“Nearly every image is original: either a graphic created in-house, a photograph taken in-house, or an image so manipulated by Photoshop as to not represent any real event that has ever happened. The tiny graphics team at The Onion pumps out about 50 original pieces of art per week.”

A Director’s Medium: It’s Not Just The Writers Who Make This A Golden Age Of TV


“The prevailing sentiment is that TV is a writer’s medium, and film is a director’s medium. … But that doesn’t mean TV can’t be a director’s medium, too – many ‘golden age’ shows have also had fantastic directing. In fact, many respected movie directors are taking notice and flocking to the small screen.”

Harvey Weinstein Feuds With NY Post Columnist Over “Finding Neverland” Musical


Post theater columnist Michael Riedel, based on two reviews of the pre-Broadway run in Cambridge, Mass., pronounced the show “dead in the water” and said of the critics that “if you’re going to review the baby in the cradle, strangle it.” One of those critics, Jeremy Gerard, reports on the brouhaha and Weinstein’s predictable response.

No Copyright For Works Not Created By Humans, Says U.S. Copyright Office


“Marking an end to the controversy surrounding the ‘monkey selfie,’ a self-portrait snapped by a particularly photogenic macaque in Indonesia in 2011, the US Copyright Office” has ruled that it “will register an original work of authorship, provided that the work was created by a human being … the Office will not register works produced by nature, animals, or plants.”

Zaha Hadid Sues Critic For Defamation


“Zaha Hadid has filed a law suit against the New York Review of Books and architecture critic Martin Filler … claiming that Filler had falsely implied that she did not care about the working conditions of migrant workers on her projects in the Middle East.”

Google Wins Dismissal Of German Publishers’ Suit


“A German regulator handed Google Inc a victory on Friday as it said it would not pursue a complaint brought against the internet search engine operator by a group of publishers for giving users access to their news articles.”

Sometimes An Artist’s Best Strategy Is To Avoid Strategic Plans


“No matter what the crisis is — whether financial, emotional, spiritual, creative, physical or other — it is not the time to be setting future objectives or making determinations about how you’ll behave in a year, or two, or three. You don’t have objectivity in a crisis and your ability to be strategic is greatly diminished.”

Thelma Holt Tells Tales


“In the previous 15 minutes, [the legendary London stage producer] has related one story about a fellow theatre producer (unprintable), two stories about a theatre owner (possibly libellous), a yarn about an encounter with the crown prince of Japan (probable diplomatic incident) and a saga that swerves from the crisis in Gaza to David Cameron’s taste in suits.”

Even After A Decade On Broadway, “Wicked” Is Casting (Exactly) The Same Spells


“The producers have been careful, not to say monomaniacal, about replicating the experience they gave audiences in the opening months. … My return visit also confirmed how significant … young fans remain to the show’s success. The audience at the evening performance I attended teemed with bopping tweens and their families.”