Musicians Fight Back For Conductor Fired By Board, Warn Of Mass Departures


Several players in the Vallejo (Cal.) Symphony have publicly chastised the orchestra’s board for its unanimous vote not to renew the contract of David Ramadanoff, who has served as music director for 33 years. The concertmaster says that “maybe more than half” of the musicians will quit after Ramadanoff’s final concert.

Why India Loves To Ban Films

india ban 3

“Social scientist Shiv Visvanathan says frequent calls to ban films are part of a broader malaise in a country where ‘a lot of people have made their careers in sensitivities. There are fringe groups in India which mobilise people around issues of obscenity, dirty movies, dirty pictures.’ Political parties like the Congress are particularly touchy, he says, about films that ‘challenge their folklore’.”

The Character That Embodies The Entire History Of “The Simpsons”

simpsons moe

The story of barkeep Moe Szyslak – “his oddball beginnings, his pugnacious heart, his rages and joys and astonishing depths – is, in many ways, the story of how The Simpsons went from being a catchphrase-laden pop-culture supernova to one of the most influential cultural works of the late 20th century.”

I Had Never Seen “The Simpsons”, The Show That Gave My Generation Its Soul

simpsons binge

The Simpsons debuted in 1989, which means millennials have been watching it since elementary school. … The word [‘meh’] is so important to my millennial lexicon that a search of my Gchat history displays ‘1-20 of many,’ yet by age 30 I had never seen a moment of the show that popularized it.” So Megan Greenwell started binge-watching, and got an education …

SoundCloud To Introduce Ads So It Can Pay Musicians

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“With 175 million monthly listeners, SoundCloud is the second biggest streaming music service in the world behind YouTube. Yet it hasn’t paid royalties to the creators and rightsholders of that music … Today, SoundCloud is taking its first step [to change that], albeit in a carefully-controlled way with a select group of invited partners in the US for its new ‘On SoundCloud’ initiative.”

One Guy And A Bunch Of Cardboard Boxes Win Edinburgh Fringe Best Play Prize

object lesson

“A one-man play performed by an illusionist amid a sea of cardboard boxes has won the most coveted theatre prize at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Performance artist Geoff Sobelle’s show [The Object Lesson] will be heading from a tiny room at Summerhall arts centre to the Brooklyn Academy of Music after scooping the prestigious Carol Tambor Award.”