How The Elevator Changed Everything

otis elevator

Elisha Graves Otis’s invention didn’t just make whole new styles of architecture possible, writes Jonathan Glancey, it deeply affected our entire culture.

The Classical Music World Is Rife With Drink And Drugs! (Says Yet Another Tattletale)

drink and drugs

“Addiction problems are widespread among classical musicians, for many reasons,” she says. “There is the lifestyle, the odd hours, working weekends, post-concert socialising. Many players use alcohol and beta-blockers to control their performance anxiety and then, after the ‘high’ of a performance, musicians can struggle to ‘come down’ and therefore drink to relax.”

“Excellent Sheep”: What’s Become Of Students at Elite Colleges Today


William Deresiewicz: “They’re ‘excellent’ because they have fulfilled all the requirements for getting into an elite college, but it’s very narrow excellence. These are kids who will perform to the specifications you define, and they will do that without particularly thinking about why they’re doing it. They just know that they will jump the next hoop.”

Australia Council For The Arts Transforms Funding Model

Australian banknotes C

“Artists will no longer be forced into such square holes as music, theatre and literature under a radical overhaul of arts funding announced by the Australia Council for the Arts. More than 90 grants will be reduced to just five common categories next year,” and application procedures have been streamlined.

Michigan Town Disbands Arts Commission Because There’s Too Much “Drama”

rockford mi

“The [Rockford] City Council voted Aug. 11 to dissolve the Rockford Arts Commission, including releasing the remaining seven board members from their volunteer functions with the city.” Four of the 11 members “had recently resigned ‘because they didn’t like the drama’ of the conflict between the city and the members of the group.”