Clobberation: How Four Unwary Grad Students Created A Touring Show For Teens Without (Quite) Ripping Each Other’s Throats Out


“We set out to create and establish roles to try and mitigate power conflicts. This worked for a short while, but we found that although we had divided ourselves into the traditional roles of Playwright, Set Designer, Sound Designer, Teaching Artist, Director, Stage Manager, and Education Director, those titles meant different things to each of us. Our roles became accusations.”

Emperor Augustus’s Stables To Be Reburied Because There’s No Money To Restore Them


“The reinterring of the stables, which once hosted horses raced at the Circus Maximus, is another blow to anniversary plans after Rome failed to find funds in time to restore Augustus’ mausoleum, a city block-sized monument which has been used as a toilet by tramps since falling into disrepair, and now stands mouldering behind fences in the centre of Rome.”

“Artless In Every Sense” – Philly Museum Of Art’s Next Expansion Plan (Per Critic)

philly museum

The “Core Project” is the first of three stages of the museum’s Frank Gehry-designed expansion. “[It] involves tearing out the existing auditorium, which sits directly beneath the Great Stair Hall, and replacing it with a space labeled the Forum.” Thomas Hine argues that the Forum, as planned, misses every opportunity it has – and it forgets “the whisper”.

What Daniel Radcliffe Really Hates About Press Interviews


“Frankly, since the age of 20, all of the interviews I’ve done have involved people asking about my impending failure [after all the early success], and how I felt about the possibility of that. … Which is hard to deal with, because a lot of us already have those fears anyway: what if this doesn’t last for ever?; what if I don’t end up working in 10 years? So for other people to then be asking you about those things all the time is like having your innermost fears confirmed by somebody outside of yourself.”

Dystopian Young Adult Novels Have A Lot To Tell Us About The Philosophy Of Equality

the giver

“There is a real danger that inequality is not just related to literal capital accumulation, but to equality of opportunity and the accumulation of cultural capital. This might include things like what kind of education your family can afford to give you. … It isn’t hard to see how this ends up a popular theme in young adult dystopias.”

Can We – And Should We – Erase Our Internet Lives?

Barbra Streisand accepts the applause after performing the song "Memories" at the 85th Academy Awards in Hollywood

“How to cope with an an almost infinite access to information is one of the questions of our age. You can see why ephemeral and anonymized messaging services such as Snapchat and Secret are growing rapidly. Social norms are shifting rapidly.”