The Other Wagner Great-Granddaughter

nike wagner

Nike Wagner, Wieland’s daughter, pretty much knew that she’d never lead the Bayreuth Festival once her uncle Wolfgang took over. (The job went to his daughters, Eva and Katharina; Eva is now retiring.) So she’s made her own way as a writer (including a predictably dirt-filled family tell-all) and dramaturg, and now she’s directing the world’s top Beethoven festival.

Madrid’s Reina Sofía Museum To Expand (Again)

reina sofia

“[The capital’s] main Modern and contemporary art museum will expand its permanent exhibition space by a total of 3,000 sq. m by the end of 2015. … The project will ‘finally’ join the Francisco Sabatini-designed building, which fully opened as an art museum in 1992, with the extension by Jean Nouvel, completed in 2005.”

Venue Backs Down On Kicking Out UK Jewish Film Fest

jewish film fest

The Tricycle Theatre “which refused to host the UK Jewish Film Festival while it is sponsored by the Israeli embassy, amid the Gaza crisis, has now dropped its objection … but is too late for this year’s festival as alternative venues have been arranged.”

Some Of The Country’s Best Dance Takes Place On The Subway


“This choreography of grit and grace perseveres, despite an increase of arrests by the New York Police Department, as a delicate wonder, glued together by exacting precision and indelible stamina. Plus, there’s the joy of watching a dance where dancing is not allowed: It’s a subversive performance. It’s also a surprise.”

What We Fear Now


“During the Cold War, the conflicts that powered the thriller were rooted in ideology: Le Carre’s Berlin and Greene’s Havana were mainly backdrops against which the clash of the superpowers was played out. The new thrillers were not focused on ideology but on place; it was the peeling away of layers of culture and history that gave these novels their impetus.”

Salman Rushdie Explains Why Kazuo Ishigoro’s ‘Remains Of The Day’ Is Such A Perfect Novel


“What then is our true relationship to power? Are we its servants or its possessors? It is the rare achievement of Ishiguro’s novel to pose Big Questions – What is Englishness? What is greatness? What is dignity? – with a delicacy and humour that do not obscure the tough-mindedness beneath.”

Paris’s Musée Picasso Finally Has A Reopening Date

picasso 3 90

“After five years of delays and difficulties, culminating in a public quarrel and the firing of its president in May, the museum’s reopening is finally set for the artist’s birthday, Oct. 25. … The renovation has doubled the public space, modernized outdated facilities and added a new entrance, a multimedia auditorium and a Cubist garden with geometric topiary trees.”

Uncle Jack Charles – Stolen Child, Ex-Con Heroin Addict, Movie Actor, Grandfather Of Australian Indigenous Theatre

uncle jack charles

He was raised by a white foster mother and stumbled across his blood family by chance at age 17. Began learning acting at 19. Was rejected for a starring Aboriginal role in favor of a South Asian actor. Co-founded Australia’s first aboriginal theatre company. And that was just his life before 1980.

Paulo Coelho Is King Of The Internet

paulo coelho

“Years before other novelists joined Twitter and Facebook, Mr. Coelho was reaching out to fans on MySpace and, later, putting short videos on YouTube. He has accounts on Instagram, Tumblr, Vimeo, Google+ and Pinterest.” On Twitter and Facebook, he has more followers than Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Danielle Steel and John Grisham combined.

The Magical Metamorphoses Of Indian Classical Dance

Magical Metamorphoses Of Indian Classical Dance 1

Alastair Macaulay: “Opera people often – and rightly – remark on the marvelous films of the soprano Maria Callas in concert; they show us the very moment when her whole face subtly switches into the character she is about to sing. It feels miraculous. Yet such moments keep recurring during individual Indian dances: the face changes contour; the body becomes another being.”

Jeff Bridges And The Zen Of An Almond Croissant

jeff bridges croissant

“I love taste, and I love the immediate gratification of flavor and that satisfying swallow you feel all over. But I look at my body and I should say, ‘Is that really the most healthy thing for me?’ Wouldn’t it be great if I stopped eating this and worked out every day? Imperfection and perfection go so hand in hand, and our dark and our light are so intertwined, that by trying to push the darkness or the so-called negative aspects of our life to the side … we are preventing ourselves from the fullness of life.”

The Bookmobile Taxi Of Tehran

bookmobile taxi

Mehdi Yazdany and Sarvenaz Heraner are no ordinary cabbies: they offer “a mobile reading room and taxi service, complete with chauffeur-librarian.” The cab has more than 40 titles, “from Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis to Charles Bukowski’s Pulp. There are also works by Iranian standouts such as Nader Ebrahimi, Zoya Pirzad and Sohrab Sepehri. … When you pay the fare, you can buy a book.”