All Sydney Is Arguing Over This Public Sculpture (And It Isn’t Even Built Yet)

sydney cloud arch

“There are people in the world – otherwise sensible people – who continue to think that the purpose of public art is to make people happy. … [Yet] the purest pleasure excited by a newly announced work of public art is invariably to be found in the breast of the person who cannot stand it. Take Sydney, which has been yelling at itself all week over … plans to install a 50-metre-high undulating arch of stainless steel fettucine right over the road outside Town Hall.”

Sacramento Philharmonic And Opera Cancel Fall Season

sacramento b

“The decision follows months of financial uncertainty for the Sacramento Region Performing Arts Alliance, the organization formed last year when the philharmonic merged with the Sacramento Opera. … It remains unclear whether its musicians will return to the stage in the spring of 2015.”

Let’s Just Be Blunt About Theatre’s Massive Class Divide


“This play, this theatre, this audience will never make it into a national study about ‘diversity in theatre.’ Their productions, audience, playwrights, existence are not considered important enough to include because of the size of their budget. Their work, like the work of indie theatres all over the country, is invisible. But those audiences are having an intense, emotional, moving, unique, life-changing theatre experience. It’s not happening in New York, and it’s not happening in a 20 million dollar a year LORT, but it IS happening.”

Spike Jonze Makes Amazing Movies – In The Editing Bay


“He said 2013’s Her — which tells the story of a man (Joaquin Phoenix) who forms a relationship with his OS, Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) — gave him and co-editor Jeff Buchanan plenty of opportunity to ‘rewrite’ in the cutting room since the audience never sees Samantha. ‘It was like getting to re-shoot a character in a movie as many times as you’d like,’ he said.”

Why Can’t You See That Famous Painting? Your Museum Rented It


“The practice has seen such MFA masterpieces as Monet’s ‘Grainstack,’ Van Gogh’s ‘Postman Joseph Roulin,’ and Degas’s ‘Edmondo and Therese Morbilli’ sent to fee-paying museums in Japan, to the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas, and to shows in northern Italy organized by Linea d’Ombra, a profit-making company that organizes blockbuster exhibitions.”

A Dance Festival In Thin Air Provides Extra Delights

vail dance

“During the performance, skies cleared completely. On the return afterward, hundreds of dancegoers took the same softly lighted river path as I did back to town; we could look up through the pines to thousands of stars, unusually large. No urban opera house can match such accompanying marvels.”

The Liberal Arts Desperately Need A Defense – And Are Worth Defending

liberal arts

“If left to our own devices we academics might become more and more out of touch with what the society really needs. That tradition of criticizing elitists, criticizing the kind of snobbery that often goes with elite education, that’s I think a very healthy American tradition for good, democratic reasons.”

The L.A. Phil’s Sober, Dancing Cellist


“The cello and baseball were my two loves. I was a catcher,” said L.A. Phil principal cellist Robert deMaine. But when he was a teen, he “quit the cello for a number of months, preferring ‘to grow my hair long and play in a band.'”