Virtual Reality – Coming Soon To A World Around You

Google Cardboard, virtual reality

“Advances in graphics, computing power and interface devices such as the Nintendo Wii or Microsoft Kinect have opened the door to a new level of sophistication of virtual reality, he says. Most important, though, has been the continuing drop in cost of virtual reality technology, a trend largely driven by the gaming industry.”

Mining The Sondheimisphere For Sondheimiana


Nelson Pressley has scoured the Great Man’s writings and interviews to provide “a primer on some of the talismans, techniques and tallies.” Favorite tool? Clement Wood’s rhyming dictionary. Favorite therapy for bad reviews? Slonimsky’s Lexicon of Musical Invective. Favorite of his own shows? (You’ll have to click through for that one.)

Facebook Can Sell You Anything, Including Krill Oil, But How?

facebook sticky notes

“In June, the social network accounted for about one of every six minutes that Americans spent online, and one of every five minutes on mobile phones, according to comScore, a research company. Mothers, the typical household’s chief buyer of consumer products, are among the most dedicated users, spending nearly four times as many minutes on Facebook as other people.”