Should The Arena Di Verona Get A Roof?

Arena di verona

“Northern Italy has been pounded this summer by rain and thunderstorms. About 25 opera performances have been soaked … Determined to bring an end to this unpredictability, mayor Flavio Tosi says that he’s planning to launch an international competition to draw suggestions for how the massive architectural task should be accomplished.”

Who Are We? (And Other Fundamental Things That Define Us As Human)


“Why are we the only species on earth that is concerned about things that don’t directly concern our survival or that of our offspring? Porcupines do not look up at the night sky and wonder what all the sparkly bits are; weasels don’t worry about what other weasels think of them; lobsters really don’t enjoy pub quizzes.”

Conductor Daniel Harding Cops To Having Been “Obnoxious” When He Started His Career

daniel harding

“I had that attention when I was a very excitable, immature young man. And I look at my colleagues because now there are so many of us, of our generation, and I’m jealous of those who started later and have their great moment in the sun when they’re kind of grown up. I’m always going to be paying for the impression I created as an obnoxious 22-year-old.”

Univ. Of Maryland Revives Its Proposal To Rescue Corcoran Gallery

corcoran UMD logo

U.Md. president Wallace Loh testified in court that, if the judge should deny permission for the current plan to break up the Corcoran and divide it between the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University, “he would be willing to quickly revive a version of the $46 million Maryland partnership plan that the Corcoran rejected in February.”

What Rembrandt Found In The Rape Of Lucretia That Other Artists Missed

rembrandt lucretia

Philip Kennicott: “One [hand] resolutely grasps the dagger, the other is held open, in a pose of futile resistance. And they are very sturdy hands for a woman with a face as young as the Lucretia in this image. Rembrandt’s Lucretia kills herself with the hands of a man. Which makes visual the ugly truth of the story: Her suicide is a final act of male violence.”

Dance’s Top Crimes Of Passion

crimes of passion dance

Inspired by summer heat, Sarah Kaufman selects four of the most compelling hot-headed murders in the dance repertory. (You know all the characters, though the choices may surprise – for instance, Kaufman passes over Martha Graham’s depiction of Medea.)

The Greatest Real-Life Adulterous Couple Ever To Inspire Works Of Art (I’ll Take “Doomed Lovers” for $600, Alex)

real life adulterous couple

“[Dante] created such a compelling portrait of undying love that [they] went down in Western cultural history … They have inspired symphonic tone poems by Tchaikovsky and others, paintings by artists such as everyone from Botticelli to Ingres to Dante Gabriel Rosetti, no fewer than three sculptures by Rodin, including his famous The Kiss – and more than 18 operas.”

Why Film And TV Suddenly Love Texas


“There’s urban and then there’s small town within three miles [of Austin]. Hill Country to the west, rolling prairie to the east. We’ve got the lakes; we’ve got the pine trees. You can look like you’ve been all over the country and not get 30 miles from Austin.” And then there are the tax credits.

Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Vs. Hachette

Robin Roberts Hachette

“The first half of 2014 has actually seen a 5.6 percent increase in [Hachette]’s US sales relative to last year. … Nonetheless, e-book sales have fallen, now making up 29 percent of adult book sales in the US versus 34 percent a year ago.”

Just Who Are The 15 Unions Negotiating Contracts With The Met Opera?

met Opera unions

“About 2,400 of the Met’s 3,400 employees are union members. They cover a broad swath of activities ranging from singing in the chorus, playing in the orchestra, dancing, painting sets, running the box office, singing solo roles, working in the call center, posting bills (advertising posters), running cameras and taking tickets.”

So This Is PBS’s Idea Of Arts In America?


“Is PBS unaware that there’s more to art in America than Kristin Chenoweth, Melissa Etheridge and Michael Feinstein? Or does it simply not care? I hate to have to ask that question yet again, but not knowing the answer troubles me even more—and I suspect it’s also troubling at least some of the people who write the checks that keep PBS afloat. If it isn’t, it should.”

Met Opera Debacle – It’s About Leadership


Peter Gelb is “right that opera in its current form is not sustainable — something of a given in a field that has literally no independent commercial viability, relies entirely on donations, can’t hope for significant European-style government funding in this country, and is paying hundreds of people very large salaries. The unions are also right that the problem is partly artistic.”

How Sotheby’s And Christie’s Locate New People To Spend Massive Sums Of Money On Art


“If you’re even remotely curious about starting a blue-chip art collection, there’s a good chance the world’s biggest auction houses already know who you are, and exactly how much you might spend to own a masterpiece. … They’ve dispatched armies of experts to identify potential bigwigs, and satisfy their ever-expanding art whims.”

Dick Smith, Hollywood’s Master Of Makeup, Dead At 92

dick smith exorcist

“As the grandmaster of special-effects makeup, Dick Smith broke ground in the movies in the early 1970s when he transformed Dustin Hoffman into a 120-year-old for Little Big Man and an adolescent Linda Blair into a diabolical demon [sic] in The Exorcist. When he received an Academy Award in 1985 for aging F. Murray Abraham into an elderly composer in the film Amadeus, many industry observers wondered: What took so long?”

When The Fourth Wall Is The Naked City: Tales Of Outdoor Theater In New York

fourth wall nature

“Alfresco settings have their advantages – the fireflies, the moon, the breeze – and their complications, too: the bicyclists, the boomboxes, the gaze of raccoons that live just below the Delacorte’s stage and often scamper on. The Times asked performers, producers and directors to talk about the perils and pleasures of acting under the sky.”

Actually, Some Material Goods CAN Make You Happy

some goods can make you happy

“It’s been the refrain of behavioral economists … for years: Spend your money on experiences, not things. A vacation or a meal with friends will enrich your life; new shoes will quickly lose their charm. That’s true, but it’s not the whole story, argue psychologists Darwin A. Guevarra and Ryan T. Howell in a new paper … Not all goods, they say, should be lumped together.”