Willem Dafoe Gets Physical

willem dafoe

“Mr. Dafoe takes a very physical approach to his roles. He starts by rehearsing his movements, ‘because when you devote yourself to an action, that frees you up emotionally,’ he explains. … He calls some of his past movie work ‘dancing,’ but he admits that definition may be ‘lost on your average moviegoer.'”

Television Station Challenges Ban On Airing Ads On Public TV


The government’s argument is that selling ad spots would change the nature of public TV. An executive from another public TV station, WGBH-TV in Boston, testified that were they allowed to start selling ad time like commercial stations do, funding from federal and state government sources, as well as foundations and not profits, would be “jeopardized.”

The Best Way To Support An Artist


“You may want your supportive activities to make her happy, but for some artists happiness doesn’t lead to creativity; they do their best work in times of turmoil or struggle – and they know it.”

Author Of ‘Up The Down Staircase’ Dies At 103


Bel Kaufman was “a former New York City schoolteacher whose classic first novel, ‘Up the Down Staircase’ — shot through with despair and hopefulness, violence and levity, bureaucratic inanity and a blizzard of official memorandums so mind-bendingly illogical as to seem almost Kafkaesque — was hailed as a stunningly accurate portrait of life in an urban school when it was published in 1965.”

What’s It Like Working With, And Managing, Robots?


“When the errors crop up–and they always do, in spectacularly catastrophic ways–it sort of feels like a rebellion because I am telling it to do this thing, and it doesn’t follow my instructions. And then it becomes this question of management. Can I convince this entity to do for me what I want it to do and what the entire company is telling it it should be doing?”

Poetry Is Made For Twitter – Yes, Really

twitter poetry

“What’s on Twitter are not diseased firings of glitchy minds. They’re epigrams, aphorisms, maxims, dictums, taglines, headlines, captions, slogans and adages. Some are art, some are commercial; these are forms with integrity.”

Denver Seriously Considers Tearing Down Its Concert Hall


“The CSO is set to move out — temporarily — at the end of the 2014-15 concert season to accommodate a planned $17 million upgrade of the facility. It had hoped to return a year later. But, according to e-mails between the CSO and the Arts & Venues department, the plan may be changing.”

Scientists Print A Monet With A Nanoprinter

Figure 6

“Regular printing—the kind your home office inkjet is capable of—uses dots of pigments to create the spectrum of colors you see on a page. The type of printing the Singapore team is investigating instead uses microscopic pillars topped with aluminum nanodisks that resonate at visible light frequencies. The process is able to produce more than 300 colors by focusing beams of electrons onto variously-sized pillars.”

Salzburg Festival Opens With Increased Audience And A Difficult Financial Future


“The number of performances rose and so did the number of visitors — Alexander Pereira insisted this was necessary to renew a festival that was becoming “increasingly inconspicuous”. Behind the scenes however, there was increased grumbling among artists and staff about the crowded programme, which looks to be reduced once Pereira is gone.”

More Art Found In Cornelius Gurlitt’s House


“The task force investigating the art trove has declined to say how many new works were discovered. Gurlitt, who inherited the priceless collection from his father Hildebrand, an art dealer who traded in works confiscated by the Nazis, died in May. In his will, he left the art haul – more than 1,200 pieces including works by Chagall, Picasso and Matisse – to the Kunstmuseum Bern in Switzerland.”