Ballet: Suddenly, It’s The Workout Of The Fashion World

ballet fashion

“If yoga and pilates are now standard, with classes from gyms to chilly church halls, ballet – which has a level of technique so punishing that only a tiny chosen few will actually succeed – is perfect for fashion. It’s inherently elitist in its quest for physical perfection.”

Algorithm “Mutates” Art


“The algorithm mutates the image in different ways: chopping it in half, overlaying it on another image or randomly altering it. The resulting images are either culled or kept depending on how closely they adhere to the user’s initial stylistic choices, and the process repeats. The person can stop the process at any time and select an image they like, or let it keep running.”

A History Of Literary Censorship


“A more legitimate literary objection to censorship is its implicit portrayal of a reader as the sort of person who jumps off a cliff when asked. Notions such as “obscenity” or “abasement before the west” make literary language a tool of subversion and ascribe to the novelist the hypnotist’s capacity for making a previously obedient or prudish member of the public throw stones or unzip.”

Prado Museum: Just To Clarify – We’ve Know For A Long Time About Our Missing Art Works


“The only new element presented in the audit undertaken by the Tribunal de Cuentas in 2012 is the that fact 41 works have been located, the whereabouts of which had been unknown since 1978 when the first report by the Fiscalía General de Reino was published on the situation of works from the collection of the Museo del Prado on deposit with other institutions.”

NYC Mayor Fires Eight Board Members Of Queens Library System

queens library

“The board members were removed after they voted in April against firing Thomas W. Galante, director of the Queens library system, who has been under investigation for using money earmarked for library improvements for renovations to his personal office and for steering contracts for the work to a friend.”

Head Of Big New Arts Center In Beverly Hills Out After First Season

annenberg center beverly hills

“The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, which only recently completed its inaugural season, confirmed Thursday that Executive Director Lou Moore has left the fledgling arts organization. Moore, who spent more than a decade raising money to construct the new center and then led its 2013 opening and first season, left the organization on Tuesday.”

Andy Serkis, Star Of A Movie Medium That’s Anti-Star By Its Very Nature

andy serkis

“Serkis, whose resume includes playing some of the least likely critical favorites of all time – Gollum, King Kong, and Godzilla – seems like an ideal spokesman for motion-capture if it wants high-brow cred. … [Yet] the singular focus on him in some ways clashes with the collaborative, chameleonic spirit of motion-capture, a field that has a long and glorious tradition of eschewing thespian concerns entirely.”

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When Manhattan Became The Capital Of The World (In The 1920s)


“Beginning with the reconstruction of Park Avenue in the early 1920s, Midtown became a destination neighborhood for the city’s ultrarich, eager to abandon their stand-alone Fifth Avenue palaces in favor of contemporary “mansions in the sky.” Alongside the real estate boom came a decadent new night life and a host of more serious cultural diversions, all of them fueled, in Miller’s telling, by a steady supply of ambition, energy and illicit booze.”

New York City Is Introducing A New ID Card (And It Wants Cultural Groups To Help)


“To broaden the appeal of a card that will be available to all New Yorkers early next year but is designed to help those who do not have a driver’s license or other official identification, the administration has asked some of the city’s most prominent cultural institutions to offer benefits, like memberships or discounted tickets, to cardholders.”

British Government Backs Down On Cuts To Music Education


“This is undoubtedly good news. That extra £17 million (the government says £18 million, but no-one quite understands their arithmetic), means the total amount spread around the music hubs will rise to £75 million. This will reverse the decline of recent years, which has been steep.”

How Popular Culture Of The 1920s Became Obsessed With King Tut


“The tomb’s discovery, at the start of the Roaring Twenties, followed the global upheavals of World War One. Mass media was able to bring news of objects being carried out of the tomb to a wider audience, faster than ever before. America, in particular, became obsessed by “King Tut” – as he became known. Even US President Herbert Hoover used the name for his pet dog.”