Support For Artist Resale Rights Picks Up Support In US Congress

House Republican Conference

“The bill has gained six co-sponsors in the past three weeks, including the representatives Sam Farr of California and Janice Schakowsky of Illinois. At a hearing yesterday, 15 July, in Washington, DC, experts including Karyn Temple Claggett, the director of policy and international affairs for the US copyright office, testified in support of the bill.”

How A Decade Of Digital Distribution Has Hurt The Creative Economy


“It’s only common sense that the devaluation creative industries face is having a sustained negative effect on the investment available for sustainable artistic careers. Through new groups like the Content Creators Coalition, artists have begun to advocate for themselves. But forging an internet that takes individual rights (including privacy), cultural diversity and sustainable progress seriously also requires that consumers get on board.”

Music Pollution – Is That What’s Really Devaluing Music


“There’s a lot of blame to spread around for our music appreciation downgrade: illegal downloads, corporate record companies missing the digital curve, overly compressed music resulting in fatigue and “digititus,” and the low-res quality of mp3 files, to name only a few factors. All of these things contribute to the devaluing of music as a distinct primary experience. But I think there’s a single phenomenon that’s working harder than all the others: The constant bombardment of music functioning as an aspect of an environment, in spaces from restaurants to government offices to bars to shopping malls, reducing music to just so much sonic wallpaper.”

The Science Of Sentimentality


“What is sentimentality? Is it a manipulation tactic, a type of emotion – the desire to be overwhelmed mixed with self-regard – or an overwrought response to a trigger? What factors predispose you to it: youth or age, a gene, a gender, a mood, an IQ score? Is sentimentality useless or precious? … Why does weeping in the darkness of the theater feel so lovely? Why does clicking on an Upworthy link feel so wrong?”

“A Flaming Bag Of Dog Poop”: Seattle G&S Society Responds To “Mikado”-As-Yellowface Column

seattle g and s response

Company business manager Pamela Kelley Elend: “Ms. Chan formed her opinion, and it is an opinion not backed up by facts, research, or actually seeing a performance … She wielded that power [of the press] to lob the journalistic equivalent of a flaming bag of dog poop on our door step. We can try to stomp out the fire, and rinse off the residue, but we are still tainted by the stink.”

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Detroit Companies Pledge $26 Million Toward Saving Detroit Institute of Arts


“The institute announced Wednesday that a large group of companies, foundations and wealthy individuals – Roger S. Penske and the Penske Corporation; Quicken Loans and the Rock Ventures Family of Companies; DTE Energy; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; Meijer; Comerica Bank; the JPMorgan Chase Foundation; Consumers Energy and Delta Air Lines Foundation – had pledged $26.8 million toward a $100 million commitment by the museum as its part of the “Grand Bargain.”

Italy Turns To Corporate Sponsors To Maintain Its Monuments

italy coliseum

“The practice of using corporate largess to finance restoration projects for public antiquities was once fairly rare here. But with the nation struggling with a stagnant economy and crushing public debt – Rome is flirting off and on with bankruptcy – politicians are now looking to private companies and international sources to help preserve Italy’s cultural heritage.”