Is This The Next Lena Dunham? (Not Exactly)

desiree akhavan

“Most references to director, writer and actress Desiree Akhavan place a neat three-word descriptor by her name: bisexual Iranian American, often followed by the words ‘the next Lena Dunham’.” But being young, female, and a writer/director/actress is where the similarities end.

Trying To Figure Out Why A Newly Famous Documentarian Took His Own Life

Malik Bendjelloul photographed in 2012

“Making feature documentaries is incredibly hard. You either have to have a massive trust fund or take this existential risk. You can’t have a family. You can’t have a mortgage. The idea that you could turn a 10-minute film on a Swedish arts programme into an Oscar-winning documentary, it’s either folly or extraordinary bravery.”

How Far Did You (Not) Get Into This Book? Big Data Knows

A brief history of time

“When you highlight books on your Kindle, when you highlight a sentence that you particularly like, Amazon is keeping track of that – I’m not sure everyone knows that – and Amazon records what five sentences in a book are the most commonly highlighted.”