Why Is Reading Poetry Aloud So Scary (For The Performer *And* The Audience)?

poetry performance anxiety

“As poets with performance backgrounds rise through the ranks of poetry print culture, American poetry appears caught between a fear of performance and a celebration of it. As these page + stage poets become more prominent in universities, journals, and reading series, are they helping to renew conversations about performance as an aspect of making poems?”

OK, So What’s A LORT?


Unless you’re a theatre junkie, you might not know that hiding behind the acronym is a nationwide organization of almost 75 theatres in all major cities (and many other cities) across the U.S. And oh hey? They pay their actors.

Amazon Proposes Giving Authors 100 Percent Of Sales In Dispute With Hachette

Amazon drone

The retailer suggested that both Amazon and Hachette forgo “all revenue and profit from the sale of every ebook until an agreement is reached”, saying this might “take authors out of the middle of the Hachette-Amazon dispute (actually it would be a big windfall for authors) and would motivate both Hachette and Amazon to work faster to resolve the situation”.

Creative Placemaking Or Gentrification?


Today in Los Angeles where businesses, developers, museums, and city governance are changing the reception and application of community grown initiatives, I’ve found a similar question worth asking, “Is creative practice gentrifying creative practice?”

What’s Happened To Arts Journalism? Going, Going…


“That art and culture are falling off the organized news media’s map certainly is an affront to those who know and cherish their value, because it translates to a judgment from publishers and content providers that the arts are less worthy of public attention than what else sadly passes for news. Worse, though, in time it has potential to become victim to a self-fulfilling prophecy if everyday people have less access to art and culture, and eventually less incentive to find it.”

Kristin Chenoweth Joins Entrance Applause Debate: Let ‘Em!

kristen chenoweth

“If someone wants to applaud somebody, let them. I get why [people who hate entrance applause] get their panties in a bunch but I just want people to go and experience the show. A good actor is a good actor, and if people want to reward him or her they should.”

Conductor May Have To Pay Orchestra For Welsh Proms (Blame The Funding Cuts)

conductor welsh proms

“The conductor of the annual Welsh Proms will have to pay the orchestra fees for this year’s event in Cardiff himself unless most of the tickets are sold. Owain Arwel Hughes is having to act as guarantor for three of the festival’s four orchestral concerts after Cardiff council cut its funding.” (includes video)

The Rom-Com Isn’t Dead, Exactly – It’s A Zombie


“The romantic comedy has created, on top of everything else, a new genre: the obituary for the romantic comedy. … Because the truth is that [today’s] romantic comedies are, as works of art and pieces of culture, terrible. They are usually some ungodly, unseemly, unsexy combination of: stale, trite, silly, and formulaic.”

Clark Art Institute In Mass. Reopens After Four-Month Closure And 15-Year Expansion Program

clark art institute

The Williamstown museum now has big new exhibition space (much of it underground) that finally enable it to show large-scale 20th-century art and to collaborate with major venues on touring exhibitions. That’s not to mention the one-acre, three-tiered reflecting pool designed by Tadao Ando and Gary Hilderbrand.