Paul Horn, 84, A Founding Father Of New Age Music

paul horn

As the flutist/saxophonist once told an interviewer, “New Age music does something wonderful to the nervous system. It settles you down into a deep state of relaxation. When people want to ‘cool out,’ a [New Age] record will do it real quick. It’s meditative music.”

You Are The Product Of A Mass Atrocity

NYTimes The Stone

Philosopher Peter Atterton explains why virtually no one who is alive today would be alive had some horrific large-scale crime – be it the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, the Opium Wars, Robespierre’s Reign of Terror, the Crusades, Tamerlane’s wars, or what have you – not occurred.

How Tiny Mount Tremper Arts Persisted – And Attracted An Urban Audience

Mount Tremper Arts

“In the 12 years since [Mathew Pokoik] and his wife and co-founder, Aynsley Vandenbroucke, a New York City choreographer, bought 114 acres along an idyllic country road, Mount Tremper Arts has become a quietly thriving offshoot of the city’s contemporary performance world: a magnet for adventurous urban artists and a devoted local audience.”

Is The E-Book Coming To An End?


“Ebooks have just left euphoria and are caught halfway between anxiety and decline and if nothing changes they may soon go the way of Betamax, Bebo and the Sinclair C5.”