San Diego’s Timken Museum Ousts Director


“‘Basically, it was a difference of opinion over the direction of the museum,’ [now-ex-director John] Wilson said late Tuesday.’The board had a model of the Timken that is similar to when [predecessor] John Petersen was here. So it’s time for a change.'”

Amid UK Arts Funding Cuts, Dance To Get More Money

Akram Khan and Tamara Rojo

“The art form, collectively, receives a 9.4% increase in NPO funding, upping its slice from 11 to 12%. Better yet, there are signs that ACE is formulating a strategy for building a more secure network for dance across England, brokering relationships between large and small organisations, creating links between individual companies, theatres and regional dance agencies that should give the still-fragile dance ecology a firmer base.”

UK’s Big Arts Funding Cuts Make Disparity Between London And The Rest Of The Country Even Starker


“The ACE have the arrogance to declare that London vs the rest of the UK is an equal match worth fighting, and one in which funds can be distributed equally between the two. The extensive nature of their report proves that despite their attempts to disguise the vicious nature of the cuts with a garish pink font, the ACE cannot claim ignorance about the existence of a 14:1 imbalance of London’s arts budget compared to the rest of England.”

Why Root Against Amazon In Hachette Dispute? It’s Publishers Who Have Been Anti-Consumer


“As a number of authors have pointed out, including Hugh Howey, the biggest competitive threat in the book business isn’t the electronic retailer, it’s the Big Five publishers. They’re the ones who have tried desperately to keep book prices high — especially ebook prices — and yet continue to pay their authors a fraction of what Amazon does.”

Lawsuit Seeks To Block Corcoran Gallery Takeover


“The advocacy group Save the Corcoran filed a motion today in D.C. Superior Court to intervene in proceedings that would result in the dissolution of the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art + Design … with its assets and functions divided between George Washington University and the National Gallery of Art.”

Why The ‘Save The Corcoran’ Lawsuit Matters

corcoran kennicott

Philip Kennicott: “A simple dismissal of their right to be heard will render any subsequent decision in the case illegitimate in the eyes of many Washingtonians, including much of the local arts community. Artists are essential to the cultural and economic vitality of the District, and they are arguing, in clear and compelling terms, that tearing up William Corcoran’s deed is bad for the sector they represent. And that’s bad for all of us.”

The World’s Newest Hot Opera And Ballet Venue Is In – Astana (Where?)


“The new, spectacular opera house, the third largest in the world, with state-of-the-art acoustic design, seating for 1250, three stages, and a vast backstage area as big as an aircraft hangar (to enable the creation of the most elaborate possible sets, no expense spared), is in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.”

Author Walter Dean Myers, 76


“He sold more than 15 million copies of his more than 100 books. He was a National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature and a three-time finalist for the National Book Award (in the Young People’s Literature category). He won the Coretta Scott King Award six times and was a Newbery Honor recipient twice. His slim, tightly focused novels most often took on the full scope of difficult lives.”

Let’s Just Ignore All Those Studies About The Terrible Things That Will Happen If You Watch Too Much TV, Okay?

too much TV

Neil Genzlinger: “That television will kill you isn’t particularly new … But this critic, at least, has stopped paying attention to any report that begins, ‘A new study finds that watching television could …’ He has done so because there are so many of them, and they have sent confusing, sometimes contradictory messages.”

L.A. Metro Promises – With A Contract – That New Subway Won’t Make Disney Hall Rumble

disney hall metro

“An agreement … went into effect this week, formally committing Metro to making sure that the sensitive stretch of its $1 billion downtown Regional Connector Project won’t add any audible vibrations. The agreement sets out a process for what will happen if those preventive measures fail – with a Music Center lawsuit to collect damages the worst-case scenario.”

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How Saudi Arabia Is Building Audiences for Art


“Although Jeddah is known as the cultural capital of the country, those involved in the art world are having to be inventive when it comes to creating exhibition spaces and giving the public the opportunity to view new works of art.”

Hollywood’s Summer Box Office Is Down 13 Percent (Already?) Time To Worry?


“Heading into summer, overall box office was actually up roughly 9%, compared with 2013. But since early May, the wind has gone out of Hollywood’s sails, and that healthy head start has been wiped away. With the summer season typically making up as much as 40% of the studios’ overall annual revenue, the recent box office swoon has been worrying for the industry, though perhaps not panic-inducing.”