Why Is The Internet Blue?

blue internet

Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg’s “version of the internet is profoundly blue, bluer than any internet before, for a reason he didn’t realize was personal until long after the decision was made.”

Spike Lee On The Black Audience

spike lee

“I understand that the black audience is not monolithic. There are many different types of films that black people want and I’ve never had a feeling that all my films would appeal to all black people. Never, ever, ever.”

Opera Isn’t In Trouble, It’s Just In An Awkward Phase

opera swed

“Opera ain’t what it used to be. More to the point, opera companies aren’t what they used to be. The art form is not standing still. It’s growing, uncontrollably, by leaps and messy bounds,” writes Mark Swed – who argues that the problems at U.S. opera’s flagship, the Met, are more about the Met than the art form, and that the controversy over The Death of Klinghoffer demonstrates opera’s innate power.

Got A Problem On Broadway? Call The Arranger

arranger broadway

“He has shape-shifted alongside Eric Idle on ‘Spamalot,’ John Kander on ‘The Scottsboro Boys,’ and Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Bobby Lopez on ‘Mormon,’ for which he did dance arrangements only (though that assignment included the chance to write a spiky, Metallica-inspired guitar solo for the Devil in ‘Spooky Mormon Hell Dream’).”

The Agony Of Basic Acting Class

adult learners

“Frances has done what the rest of us have been trying to do all semester: cry during a performance, a kind of truth we’ve learned can only be achieved when an actor is connected to his or her body, an idea I pretend to understand but don’t.”

Massive Cuts To Canada’s CBC – Is This The End Of A Once Great Public Broadcaster?


“In announcing that he was tired of overseeing annual budget cuts, president and chief executive Hubert Lacroix announced a massive cut: as many as 1,500 employees or almost 20 per cent of the workforce over five years, though a lot of that, it is hoped, will be achieved through attrition. The scythe will be taken most significantly to the local news and sports operations, with dinner-hour newscasts pared from 90 to 30 minutes and sports productions taking an inevitable hit from the loss of NHL broadcast rights to Rogers.”

Canada’s CBC Says It Will “Disrupt” Itself (Read: Radically Downsize)


“CBC says it will “privilege content” by getting out of the activities it believes aren’t at the core of its mandate: It will, for example, try to sell a chunk of its real estate, so it can be a fleet-footed tenant instead of a lumbering landlord. CBC will also, most contentiously, get out of the business of producing its own content, except for news, current affairs and radio.”

America’s Fastest Growing City Has No Crime (Or Kids)


“That the most rapidly expanding U.S. metro area is a Manhattan-sized retirement village — with more golf carts than New York has taxis — highlights the transformation of the world’s demographic profile. The over-60 set — which the United Nations projects will almost triple to 2 billion by 2050 — offers opportunity to marketers and homebuilders even as it confounds governments that must care for an aging populace.”

Should Public TV Stations Be Allowed To Sell Ads? Station Wants Supreme Court To Decide


“While some underwriting announcements come awful close to resembling the commercial networks’ ubiquitous 30-second spots, the FCC does draw the line when it comes to public TV’s flagrant promotion of for-profit products and services, like the sale of insurance, cars and airline tickets, as well as running spots for political campaigns or certain issues.”

David Byrne: Pop Musicians Can’t Just Stand There And Sing. There Has To Be More Of A Show


The live shows don’t have to be a musical, but something more going on than someone standing up there singing. A lot of them are not inclined to that and it’s going to be hard for them. I got to hear a fair amount of music and there are so many who turn their back on the audience and the stage lights are dim, maybe some colored lights are playing, and you go, “I’ll just go home and listen to the record.”

Sinkhole At Corvette Museum Is Now Its Top Attraction


In the 4½ months since the sinkhole opened up at the Kentucky site and swallowed eight vintage cars, attendance is up almost 60% over the same period last year. So the museum’s directors (following AAMD deaccession guidelines, no doubt) have decided to preserve the sinkhole, or at least part of it.

Tamara Rojo And Carlos Acosta On Innocence, Aging, And ‘Romeo And Juliet’

rojo acosta

Acosta: “In the beginning when you see Romeo and the other kids they just want to fight and joke around with harlots. … But then you witness a transformation inspired by powerful love. When I first played this role I was too young to understand that complexity.” Rojo: “I think life experience gives you things but it also takes away. It takes away naiveté. And it takes away belief.”