So Many People Seem To Need Pocahontas, Even After Four Centuries


Laurie Gwen Shapiro travels to Historic Jamestowne for the 400th anniversary reenactment of Pocahontas’s wedding to English settler John Rolfe – and finds the chieftain’s daughter is still important to a surprising variety of individuals, from tourism officials (of course) to archaeologists to First-Families-of-Virginia aristocrats to native tribes still trying to get Federal recognition.

We Have ‘Twin Peaks’ To Thank For Our Current ‘Golden Age Of TV’


“Many of the defining aspects of Twin Peaks can seem clichéd today: Its narrative intricacy, its darkness, its reliance on antiheroes. But that’s just because we are by now so used to the show’s sensibility in our televised diet. What set this show apart [in 1990] has so thoroughly been assimilated that talking about it is like pointing to the sky and calling it blue.”

‘Market Populism’ And Casey Kasem


Scott Timberg argues that the late American Top 40 host has ” been drafted posthumously into a war he never fought, and become a symbol in a debate in which he never took a side.”