College Education Is Under Attack. But Maybe The Debate We’re Having Is The Wrong One


“The fact is that by focusing exclusively on monetary issues, the current conversation prevents us not only from remembering the higher objectives of an undergraduate education, but also from recognizing just how bad a job our institutions have been doing at fulfilling them. Colleges and universities have a lot to answer for; if they want to regain the support of the larger society, they need to prove that they are worthy of it.”

Why Our Orchestra Is Performing Sibelius In A Parking Garage


“Multi-Story grew out of experimenting with performing classical music in as many different spaces as possible (bars, clubs, warehouses, and museums). We wanted to get our friends to hear classical music, and felt, instinctively, that escaping the stiffness and formality of concert hall would be the way to do this.”

Beyond House Of Cards – Netflix To Produce A Talk Show

Ms. Foundation for Women Gloria Awards

Netflix’s best shows are prestige pieces born fully-formed for our binging pleasure—House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Arrested Development—not the looser medium of the celebrity gabfest. But if the service is going to tip its toe into the waters of what we typically call “late night TV” (a term that’s nearly meaningless in the on-demand world of streaming television) there’s no one better partner than Chelsea Handler.”

Why All Our Movie Heroes Look The Same


“While no sensible person would ever claim that the Hero’s Journey (another name for it) is the only form of narrative on the market, the model has proven indisputably pervasive, undeniably powerful, and irrefutably profitable. But is it inescapable, too?”

Here’s How Superstar Artists Got To Be Superstars


“According to Don Thompson, the economist and author, some 45,000 artists in New York and London alone are struggling to make a living; around 75 in New York have superstar status, earning seven figure sums. But this figure can be read the other way as well: probably at no moment in history have there been so many, and so many very rich, artists.”

The Kiss That Changed Video Games


At the 1999 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the booth marketing the new game The Sims was placed in convention Siberia and no one was paying any attention to it, including the company that was putting it out. “But, within hours, an unplanned, illicit kiss between two of the game’s background characters made The Sims the talk of the show.”

Why Italy’s Opera Houses Are In Crisis (And Why One Is Doing Rather Well)

italy opera

“The final blow came last year when Italy’s government decided that only theaters with a balanced budget by the end of 2014 can access public money, exposing some opera houses to the risk of shutting down if they didn’t put their finances in order” – a notoriously difficult task in Italy. Yet one famous old theater has become quite entrepreneurial.

How A Dad Learned To Stop Dad-Dancing And Do It Right


“There was a time in my 20s when I would go clubbing without fail every week and it didn’t take much to lure me on to the dancefloor. … Today I am a middle-aged, married, mortgaged, fortysomething father. My opportunities for dancing have diminished, as has my confidence.” How Sarfraz Manzoor got his groove back.

Meet China’s Most Famous Canadian Comedian


Yes, the Great White North is such an incubator of comic talent that it exports funnymen even to the People’s Republic. Dashan ( Mark Henry Rowswell) has been making the Chinese laugh – yes, in fluent Mandarin – in bars, in theatres and on national television for 25 years. (audio interview plus video clips)

Jazz Pianist Horace Silver, 85


“After a high-profile apprenticeship with some of the biggest names in jazz, Mr. Silver began leading his own group in the mid-1950s and quickly became a big name himself, celebrated for his clever compositions and his infectious, bluesy playing.”

20 Previously Unknown Pablo Neruda Poems Found


“The newly found poems – most of which were written after 1956 – will be published later this year in Latin America and in 2015 in Spain. They were discovered among sheaves of manuscripts in boxes and have been examined by experts, who authenticated them.”

Nashville Symphony Bailout Cost Lenders $39 Million

nashville so

“According to Chad Boyd, the symphony’s chief financial officer, the $39 million included some $30 million the symphony owed to the banks on a mortgage with a balance of $85.3 million and another $9 million due to the lenders under a related interest swap agreement, a deal meant to hedge against rate fluctuations.”