Inside Louise Bourgeois’s House – Untouched Since The Day She Died


“The house is in the process of being joined to its neighbour, acquired in 2009 for $4.5 million dollars from a theatre designer, whose penchant for exuberant chandeliers and mirrors is still in evidence. Together the houses will form a centre for scholars – some will even be invited to stay in its upper rooms – with an intimate sculpture garden at the back.”

Antonin Scalia On Music In Public: “I’m Annoyed”


“I can understand that attitude: It parallels my own toward the playing in public of rock music or Stravinsky. And I too am especially annoyed when the intrusion upon my inner peace occurs while I am part of a captive audience, as on a municipal bus or in the waiting room of a public agency.”

Apple Settles E-Book Price-Fixing Class Action Lawsuit

apple suit

“The terms of the proposed settlement are sealed and have yet to be approved by the court. But by agreeing to any settlement terms Apple has effectively dodged a trial scheduled for July in which it faced up to $840 million in claims.”

California Arts Council Gets First Funding Increase In 11 Years – And It’s By 400%!

california arts council

The budget just approved by the state legislature allocates $5 million to the CAC. “The council, which issues grants to nonprofit arts groups and arts education programs, had seen its annual allocation from state tax coffers stagnate at $1 million since 2003-04, down from a peak of nearly $31 million in 2000-2001.”

Turns Out Picasso Hid A Man In ‘The Blue Room’

picasso blue room

“Using advances in infrared imagery, [researchers] have uncovered a hidden portrait of a bow-tied man with his face resting on his hand” underneath the 1901 painting. (Picasso evidently re-used the canvas.) “Now the question that conservators at The Phillips Collection in Washington hope to answer is simply: Who is he?”

What Does All That Data From The Internet Tell Us? (That We Lie To Ourselves)

candy we lie to ourselves

“The obvious answer is that it teaches us what you’re interested in. The less-obvious, but equally true, answer is that it teaches you what you’re interested in. If we merely asked what you wanted, without measuring what you wanted, you’d just keep lying to us – and to yourself. … Ask audiences what they want, and they’ll tell you vegetables. Watch them quietly, and they’ll mostly eat candy.”

Using Improv To Prevent Rape

improv rape prevention

“Something you don’t hear too often in the middle of an improv set: ‘Okay, and for the next scene, my opening line will be ‘I really didn’t rape that girl’.’ That’s the moment when Sex Signals, one of the country’s fastest growing sexual assault prevention programs, stops being so funny.”

Why The CIA Distributed Pocket-Sized Copies Of ‘Doctor Zhivago’ In The USSR


“Pasternak did not think of his novel as a weapon for intellectual warfare. … He wanted [it] treated as a novel, not a pamphlet. The CIA, on the other hand, was delighted by the media spotlight on the anti-Communist passages. The CIA also recognized that the symbolism of the situation made the Soviet Union look at least as bad as the novel itself did.

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Met Opera Cancels Movie Theatre Broadcast Of Klinghoffer


The Met decided to cancel its planned Nov. 15 Live in HD transmission of “Klinghoffer” to movie theaters and a radio broadcast after discussions with the Anti-Defamation League. The league praised the Met’s decision, saying that “while the opera itself is not anti-Semitic, there is a concern the opera could be used in foreign countries to stir up anti-Israel sentiments or as a vehicle to promote anti-Semitism.”

Why Does So Much Abstract Art Look So Generic?


Galleries everywhere are awash in these brand-name reductivist canvases, all more or less handsome, harmless, supposedly metacritical, and just “new” or “dangerous”-looking enough not to violate anyone’s sense of what “new” or “dangerous” really is, all of it impersonal, mimicking a set of preapproved influences.

‘Ring’ Cycle With Digital Orchestra Is Off (For Now)

digital ring

“The effort to bring Wagner’s Ring cycle to Connecticut with digital samples instead of a traditional orchestra has been postponed. Organizers announced Monday that they were canceling their first offering, a production of Das Rheingold planned for August, saying that several artists had withdrawn, citing threats to their careers.”

How Much Do People At The Met Opera Really Get Paid?

Met Opera logo cube

With union contract talks heating up, a tax filing for 2012 indicates that general manager Peter Gelb earned pay and benefits of $1.8 million, chorus and orchestra members average around $200,000 in pay and $85-100K in benefits, and that three of the five highest-paid employees are stage technicians.