What We Can Learn From Medieval Theatre

medieval theatre

Carl Heap, longtime artistic director of the UK’s Medieval Players: “We soon discovered that it was not so much the material of medieval theatre that assured our success, but its style. Central to this style was the acknowledgment by the actors of a visible, lit, audience.”

Would Charlotte, N.C. Enact A Dedicated Tax For The Arts?


That’s one of the suggestions – for the city, suburban towns, and the county – made by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Cultural Life Task Force, convened by local government to suggest solutions to what the task force found was a year-after-year shortfall of $8 million in the local arts sector.

Guess What? Game Of Thrones Isn’t *Really* Medieval (And Yes, That Matters)


“What Martin actually gives us is a fantasy version of what the historian Alfred Crosby called the Post-Columbian exchange: the globalizing epoch of the 16th and 17th centuries. A world where merchants trade exotic drugs and spices between continents, where professional standing armies can number in the tens or hundreds of thousands, where scholars study the stars via telescopes.”

UK Culture Minister: Arts Organizations Should Raise Their Own Money


“I can see absolutely no reason why every arts organisation in this country cannot raise philanthropic funds. I think there are all sorts of cultural, institutional barriers to that. I think that too many arts organisations think, ‘well, we live in an area where rich people don’t live, so they’re not going to back the arts’. I think that is pathetic, frankly.”

An App That Makes You Dance, With Real Choreography


“Bounden works like this: two players hold the phone from opposite ends and guide a cursor through a sort of maze on the screen while music plays; the shape of the maze forces the players to twist, spin, and loop around and under each other, as in a dance. The underlying choreography was developed by Ernst Meisner of the Dutch National Ballet, and the app contains videos of company members performing the finished dances.”

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Jane Chu Confirmed BY US Senate As New NEA Chair

jane chu

Before taking the helm at the Kauffman Center, Chu had served as fund executive at the Kauffman Fund for Kansas City; vice president of external relations for Union Station; and vice president of community investment with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

Ruby Dee, 91, Actress And Civil Rights Activist

ruby dee

Over a seven-decade career in theater, television and film, often in partnership with husband Ossie Davis, she greatly expanded the range of roles black actresses could play in the U.S.; gave landmark performances in Shakespeare and soap opera, Hansberry and Fugard and Spike Lee; picketed theaters that refused to cast her African-American colleagues; and played a high profile in the wider civil rights struggle.

Culture Data: Follow It Or Be Informed By It?


The Culture Track research found that culture is “social first,” meaning a big part of the attendance decision is based on making connections and spending time with friends and family. This holds true especially for millennials, who are the least likely to participate in an event alone.

Questions About Management Of Toronto’s Sony Center For The Performing Arts Detailed


“It’s an enormous laundry list of indiscretions,” said Councillor Pam McConnell, who recently joined the theatre’s board. Ms. McConnell said anyone who reads the report will understand why the city’s audit committee is recommending council take tighter control of the theatre by installing a temporary board.

Plan A ‘Ring’ Cycle With A Digital Orchestra, And An Epic Battle Will Break Out


“Staging a Ring cycle in Connecticut with a digital orchestra is the dream of Charles M. Goldstein, a musician and would-be impresario who was once an extra chorister at the Met, and who founded the Hartford Wagner Festival with the idea that one day Connecticut could become the only place outside of Bayreuth, Germany, to perform entire Ring cycles every year.” Not surprisingly, lots of people in the music world object.

Charles Wright Named U.S. Poet Laureate


“Charles Wright once said, ‘I want to be the anonymous author.’ But for 44 years this modest Southerner has been publishing poetry, and the accolades have kept arriving: a National Book Award, a Pulitzer Prize, a National Book Critics Circle Award, a Bollingen Prize.” And now the biggest honor an American poet can have.