Russia Censors Children’s Play Because It Has A Gay Pillow

gay pillow

The Culture Ministry demanded that the Moscow Open International Book Festival cancel a scheduled play titled The Soul of a Pillow for promoting homosexuality. (Also censored, for naughty language, was the grown-up play Herbivores.) Said the Ministry’s letter, “The content of both plays goes against the traditional moral values of Russian culture.”

Star Filmmakers Petition Putin To Release Director Jailed For ‘Terrorism’


“A who’s who of European directors” – among them Pedro Almodóvar, Agnieszka Holland, Stephen Daldry, Béla Tarr, Wim Wenders and Mike Leigh – “have signed a letter to Vladimir Putin and Russian leaders seeking justice for Oleg Sentsov, the Ukarainian filmmaker who was arrested by Russian authorities on May 11 and is believed held in a Moscow prison.”

Audra McDonald Replies To Criticism Of Her Tony Speech


“Every parent, when faced with a decision like that, makes it on the basis of real, personal and specific circumstances relating to their child. For some, the right decision is to medicate, for some it is not. … I’m positive that your son will someday recognize that he has a mother who is fiercely devoted to him and that every decision she ever made was out of love for the child he is and the adult he will become.”

What Does Soccer Mean Today?

world cup

“My first question, then, was how soccer affects the life of a country. My second was how the life of a country affects its soccer.” (Yes, even ArtsJournal will glom onto the World Cup.)

The Tony Broadcast Cut The ‘In Memoriam’ Segment – And Lots Of People Are Unhappy

tony in memoriam

Said one Broadway producer, “It looks like somewhere along the way theater people have lost control of the Tonys, and CBS is pushing them around. So we end up with a star like Jennifer Hudson singing a song from Finding Neverland even though she isn’t in the musical – and the musical isn’t even on Broadway.”

Google Adds Graffiti To Its Search


“With the initiative, Google is the latest organization to wade into debates about how or whether to institutionalize, let alone commercialize, art that is ephemeral and often willfully created subversively.”

Free Music – Is It Worth The Cost?


“Many labels and the musicians and songwriters they work with say streaming outfits risk wiping them out by paying tiny royalties, but the people who make all that yummy music are actually being loved to death by fans who expect it to be free. And it’s only going to become worse.”

Frick Museum Announces Expansion


“With its proposal, the Frick joins a roster of museums across the country that are enlarging, a sign perhaps of increased competition for the cultural spotlight, as well as a rebound in fund-raising since the dark days of the economic downturn.”