The Awkward, Focussed World Of Rem Koolhaas


“Whenever they’re at a party or a social gathering of some sort and they meet new people, often those people will confide their whole life stories to Rem. Or at least all kinds of personal, intense stuff, like their father recently dying or something. Is it the fame? What is it about Rem that makes people do this?”

The Art Of Bean-counting (Yes, The Art)


“No one publicly celebrates the virtues of balancing one’s books and of audits with great art or gripping characters. Occasionally an accounting hero emerges, bringing a billion-dollar loss to light, but few people appreciate it, as the Dutch did, as a profound moral advance in business and public affairs.”

The 9-11 Museum: Ritualized Grief


“It is a stew of the basic metaphors of Western Civilization, and in the end you realize that this isn’t just a museum trying to be a quasi-sacred space for reflection, it is a new religion, fully articulated and perfectly adapted for our distracted, self-involved, media-saturated world. Sprawling over 110,000-square feet, with vast, cavernous spaces that reach down to the depths of the original footings of the old World Trade Center, this is the great, subterranean cathedral of America Militant, Suffering and Exceptional.”

The Guys Who Turn Terrible Ideas Into Good Movies

lego movie

“Discerning parents still speak glowingly about the pair’s debut feature, the 2009 film Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. And the predecessor of 22 Jump Street, 21 Jump Street, based on the ’80s TV show, roundly surprised critics for having a heart while being clever. This year, [there was] adulatory chatter around The Lego Movie, which the pair wrote and directed – and made into one of the biggest movie moneymakers of the year.”

Rats Regret The Bad Choices They Make, Just Like We Do

rat regret

Researchers at the University of Minnesota “found that rats expressed regret through both their behavior and their neural activity. Those signals … were specific to situations the researchers set up to induce regret, which led to specific neural patterns in the brain and in behavior.”

The Many Lives Of ‘The Wizard Of Oz’

The Wizard Of Oz

“It started out as an adaptation of one of the most beloved American children’s books of the early 20th century; now it’s America’s gay national anthem, as well as a launchpad for entire careers of subversive and oppositional film-makers, from David Lynch to John Waters.”

Here’s Who Won Tonys


“The best musical win for “Gentleman’s Guide” was hard to predict, as the show, a sly operetta, was locked in a tight race among Tony voters with the crowd-pleasing “Beautiful” for the one prize that typically lifts the box office.”