Warning To Indie Authors: Amazon Is Not On Your Side!


Laura Miller: “It’s easy to understand their impulse to defend Amazon’s e-book publishing programs, given that many had tried in vain to publish their books with traditional houses before opting for, say, Kindle Direct Publishing. However, the dispute with Hachette has nothing to do with Amazon’s publishing programs and everything to do with the way traditionally published books are retailed, a distinction that self-published authors ignore at their peril.”

Wallace Shawn Is A Walking Bundle Of Conflicts

wallace shawn

He’s a playwright who’s known as a movie actor, a pop culture figure who knows little about pop culture and describes himself as “a very pretentious person”, a son of privilege who’s “aware pretty much all of the hours that I’m awake that we’re living in a very, very unjust world.”

When Your Company Gets So Successful That You Have To Kill It Off


“Instead of luxuriating in a slower-paced life and working deeply on his dances, McIntyre grew immersed in administrative tasks: fundraising, crafting fliers and videos, designing the troupe’s Web site, speaking at events throughout the community, leading activities at hospitals and myriad other duties that took him away from the studio.”

What Is Art – And Who Is An Artist – Now?

Nauman Neon Circle

“This yields a fascinating, 288-page public meditation by one artist on the profound significance of another artist — one he has known, if rather casually, since they were studio-neighbors in Pasadena more than 40 years ago, back when Old Town was a crumbling wasteland.”