Now There’s An MTV For Book Trailers

mtv for books

“BookReels, a dedicated interactive website that allows publishers and authors to post multimedia visuals ranging from animated book covers to trailers, is now available for readers as a unique way to preview and browse books.”

Now Even VICE Is Writing About Arvo Pärt

arvo vice

“For several years, he has been the most widely-performed living classical composer, but that is just the beginning. Thom Yorke, PJ Harvey, Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, and Keith Jarrett all claim him as a major influence. Lupe Fiasco, heavy metal bands, and Berlin DJs frequently sample his works. His music lurks behind scenes in There Will Be Blood, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Gravity, just to name a few of his film credits.”

David Lang: I Wrote A Piece For 1,000 Singers Because I Saw A Football Match In London

david lang crowd out

“Everyone in the stadium started to sing, and I found myself in the middle of a giant 38,000-strong choir. There was a huge repertoire of songs for every emotion – joy, defiance, taunting, encouragement, elation – and many hilarious ones of imaginatively lewd sexual ridicule. … We are not nearly so clever at our sporting events in America.”

Why Has Good Taste Gone Out Of Fashion?

5 x15 Event at the Tabernacle, London, Britain - 07 Apr 2014

“As the idea of good taste is ridiculed, bad taste has been embraced in its place. We are comfortable showing that we know what is bad, but all too quiet about what is good.”

Rem Koolhaus: Architecture As “Endless Calculation”

Venice Biennale

“The ceiling used to be decorative, a symbolic plane, a place invested with intense iconography. Now, it has become an entire factory of equipment that enables us to exist, a space so deep that it begins to compete with the architecture. It is a domain over which architects have lost all control, a zone surrendered to other professions.”

Federal Judge Throws Out Harper Lee’s Suit Against Museum


“U.S. District Judge William H. Steele of Mobile dismissed the case in a one-sentence order after lawyers for both Lee and the Monroe County Heritage Museum filed a joint motion seeking to end the suit. Lee last year accused the museum of taking advantage of her work by selling souvenirs and using the title of her only published book as its website address.”

Why People Laugh


“Laughter is universal, but we know very little about the reasons we do it. Dr. Robert Provine has been studying the social and neurological roots of laughter for 20 years, and has come to surprising conclusions about how we operate as human beings.” (video)

Sergei Polunin And Choreographer Settle Suit Out Of Court


The mercurial young ballet star (followed in short order by his colleague and mentor, Igor Zelensky) abruptly bolted from a London production of Peter Schaufuss’s Midnight Express last year. Schaufuss sued both men for breach of contract; they have now arrived at a confidential settlement.

Watching ‘Richard III’ With Bashar al-Assad


NPR correspondent Deborah Amos “recount[s] a trip to the Damascus Opera House with the Syrian president to watch a performance of Richard III – a performance where he knowingly slapped his knee in laughter when Baldrick wins an election with 99 percent of the vote.” (video)

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The Montreal Symphony Gets A New $4 Million Organ


“It is an imposing instrument with 83 stops (types of sounds) and 6,489 pipes—more than 25 tons of high-octane power, brilliance, flexibility and coloristic variety. But the organ’s highest achievement is how beautifully it blends into the aural fabric of the orchestra and, a few quibbles aside, how well it sounds in the pleasingly reverberant 1,900-seat hall.”

Revealed: Head Of Toronto’s Sony Center For The Performing Arts Was Investigated Over Failed Deal


“These latest revelations come as Dan Brambilla and the theatre’s board of directors are being scrutinized over a scathing audit report that uncovered a long list of alleged accounting irregularities in connection with a multimillion-dollar renovation, including allegations of sole-source contracts and missing documents.”