Hollywood’s Oldest Living Extra


“Shep Houghton, who turns 100 today, could shape his era if he wanted. … During a career that stretched from Josef von Sternberg silents to Streisand musicals, Houghton was propositioned by a Munchkin, blew off Lucille Ball, and taught Greta Garbo to waltz.”

Has Art History Lost Its Experts?


“I believe that the basic lack of connoisseurial skills we are faced with in art history is weakening the foundations of the discipline. I may be selfishly delighted when major US museums accidentally de-accession works by Van Dyck or Rubens (it happens more often than you might think), but for the public’s trust in an institution it is a disaster.”

Meet Ballet’s Tallest Professional Dancer


Fabrice Calmels (6’6″) of the Joffrey: “You know, it was a disadvantage for the longest time … being so tall, a lot of the time people didn’t know what to do with me. … I couldn’t show what I was doing and who I really was as a performer because all they would see is that height.”

How Sleep Helps Build Memory


“Neuroscientists believe that memory involves the modification of synapses, which connect brain cells, and numerous studies published over the past decade have shown that sleep enhances the consolidation of newly formed memories in people. But exactly how these observations were related was unclear.”

Art Thieves Usually Steal For The Money. Here’s A Thief Who Just Loves The Art

Patrick Vialaneix

“Patrick Vialaneix is that rare being – a thief motivated by the love of art. He says he fell in love with the painting when he saw it at the age of 13 and regularly visited it from then onwards to stand rapt before the genius of Rembrandt. Finally, he worked out how he could use his skills as a security technician to steal it.”

How The World’s Most-Hated Font Came To Be

Comic Sans inventor

Microsoft Bob did not endure, but Comic Sans became one of the font options offered on Windows 95, and instantly became a favourite. “It sticks out,” says Connare. “Everything else looks like something traditional that you see in books.”

Edinburgh Fringe Grows To A Record 3000 Performances


“The figure is an 11% increase on last year and ensures it keeps its place as the largest arts festival in the world. The overall rise means that while theatre makes up only 27.5% of all productions in the programme, the lowest percentage ever, the 877 theatre shows are 50 more than in 2013 and are still the largest number ever.”

Liz Lerman On The Ways Dance Is Changing


“We see that people don’t want to be full-time; they want to be part-time and they want to have their freedom. They want to work with lots of people. They want to make a dance but then they want to make a film but then they want to do this or do that. It’s a very, very different sensibility we’re seeing in the strands of this new world. It’s so hybridized and I think we’re going to play that out for a while.”

A Korean-American Woman Playwright Tries A Black Identity Politics Show

young jean lee

“At first, [Young Jean Lee] envisioned The Shipment as a hip-hop dance piece. It failed completely. It was designed to make the mostly white audience uncomfortable, she said. Instead, they loved it. … ‘It was one of the worst artistic experiences of my life – seeing all the black people walk out and the white people happy, so happy.'”

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Donors To Miami MoCA: We Gave To Museum Not To City


The donors filed a court motion says that the donors took advantage of tax benefits by giving art and money to the nonprofit, and that they “could face potentially significant negative tax consequences” if the art were to remain with the city.

Online Piracy – Fueled By Major Advertising Brands


“Content thieves attract visitors with the promise of free downloads and streams of the latest hit movies, TV shows and songs. Then they profit by pulling in advertising from around the Internet, often concealing their illicit activities so advertising brands remain unaware.”

Coca Cola Cancels Flash Mob Promotion With Dancers Over Pay


“An advertisement was posted on a Facebook group for professional dancers to take part in a one-day rehearsal and subsequent flash mob as part of a viral video for the brand. However, when Coca-Cola was confronted about its plans, it emerged that the only payment dancers would receive would be gifts and soft drinks.”