What Two Weeks Of Chubbygate Have Shown Us About Women In Classical Music


Anastasia Tsioulcas: “Not only have many ‘regulars’ within classical music had their say, but the conversation has also reached a mainstream audience. Outlets that usually don’t touch classical music – ABC, Time, Salon and Jezebel among them in the U.S. alone – seized on the uproar, and we’ve had more than 500 reader comments here on Deceptive Cadence. After so much discussion, I feel compelled to add a few more thoughts.”

Why We Need Not Fear Our New Computer Overlords

computer is bored

Adam Frank: “When computers finally become self-aware, will their first act be enslaving the obviously inferior human race? The answer, I think, is ‘no.’ But they won’t spare us out of altruism or a sense of responsibility to their creators. No, they will leave us alone because we bore them.”

NY Phil Concertmaster Glenn Dicterow: The Exit Interview

glenn dicterow

“After 34 years at the New York Philharmonic, concertmaster Glenn Dicterow will play his final concert on June 28. Dicterow has had the longest tenure of any Phil concertmaster, and he’s done everything from traveling with the orchestra to North Korea in 2008 to taking over when a conductor gets lost.” (audio)

Two Chinese Artists Detained Over Tiananmen-Themed Works


“Guo Jian, who lives in Bejiing, was taken into custody earlier this week by Chinese authorities after giving interviews with the Financial Times and other foreign media outlets in which he discussed a Tiananmen-themed sculpture that he was creating. Separately, artist Chen Guang was reportedly detained by authorities after presenting a performance-art piece about the 1989 Tiananmen protests.”

Convincing Seniors To Go Onstage And Talk About Their Sex Lives

all the sex ive ever had

That’s what Darren O’Donnell and his theatre company, Mammalian Diving Reflex, have managed to do in half a dozen cities from Glasgow to Singapore and Prague to Philadelphia – with Toronto coming up – for a show called All The Sex I’ve Ever Had. (audio interview plus video clips)

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Precipitous Fall: Hollywood Blockbusters Are Dying On Their Second Weekends


The conventional wisdom for most blockbuster movies has been that a drop of more than 50% is disappointing. If the number rises above 60%, the drop begins to look like a cliff dive. “Spider-Man 2” saw its numbers drop 61% from its first weekend. “Godzilla” plummeted 67%. This past weekend, “X-Men” tumbled 64% from figures it posted in its first three days.

BBC News Might Cut 600 Jobs


“Hundreds of employers working on the BBC’s news output, both on television and radio, could lose their jobs as the corporation stretches to meet budget cuts. It currently employs around 8,000 journalists, all of whom are expected to be assessed under an appraisal system throughout this year.”

Remaking The Costumes For A 50-Year-Old Balanchine Classic

balanchine costume

“Figuring out how to remake 104 of the costumes that the designer Barbara Karinska created more than a half-century ago for the fairies and foolish mortals of George Balanchine’s ballet A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Tuesday night’s opening performance required detective work, millinery archaeology and a scavenger hunt for material that eventually led to three continents.”