The Song That Introduced Illicit Sex Into American Pop Music – In 1909

i love my wife but

“It was a succès de scandale, which brought roars from vaudeville audiences and censure from social reformers, with all sides agreeing that ‘I Love, I Love, I Love My Wife – But Oh! You Kid!’ had captured the zeitgeist … It incited countless newspaper editorials, fulminating sermons by preachers, and at least one fatal shooting.”

Lisbon Battles With Itself Over Its Fabled Tile Sidewalks

lisbon sidewalk

“Lisboners have a love-hate relationship with their distinctive sidewalks – painstakingly crafted from five-inch cubes of limestone since the 19th century – that flank most of the city’s streets.” But that limestone gets very slippery when wet, and “officials have stirred passions with a plan to make one of the world’s oldest cities a safer place to walk.”

What’s A Website To Do When Google Stops Sending Visitors?

whats a website to do

“A couple weeks ago, Matt Haughey, the founder of TLDR’s favorite website, Metafilter , announced that his website is dying. And he says it’s because Google algorithmically stopped directing traffic to the site over a year ago . Alex tries to figure out what you do when Google’s algorithm decides it no longer likes you.” (audio podcast)

How About A SportsCenter For Classical Music?


“Would a ‘classical music ESPN’ work in bridging the gap between our great musical institutions and every cable-subscribing home in America? By leveling the media playing field, could classical music once again compete for the attention of American households?”

An Americorps For The Arts


“Three recent graduates of the Curtis Institute of Music will become inaugural fellows of ArtistYear, a pilot program designed to bring a year-long AmeriCorps-like community service opportunity to the world of the arts in Philadelphia.”

Exodus At National Academy Museum: Is It Financial Or Personal?

national academy

“The National Academy Museum and School has let go several members of its staff, including both its registrars, the marketing director, the building manager and senior curator Bruce Weber.” Other staffers, including the contemporary curator, have left for other jobs. Some argue that the layoffs are to combat a persistent operating deficit; others report that the situation is due to the elevation of a new creative director.

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Beethoven Was, After All, A Guy


A new biography: “He might have been one of the greatest artists who ever lived, but he was still a man who had to live among fellow mortals, eat and drink, buy clothes, pay his rent.”