Food Trucks Are Popular, So Why Not Art Trucks?


“In interviews, mobile owners say they are trying to avoid the confines — and politics — of the gallery system; to help people think about art in different ways; or to reach more communities, especially those with young and old people who tend not to visit art districts.”

San Diego Opera Names New Leader

san diego opera mason

“Only two weeks after severing ties with former director Ian Campbell and reversing its March vote to his plan and shut down the company, the board of the San Diego Opera has picked a new leader. William Mason, the highly respected former general director of the Lyric Opera of Chicago, is the opera’s new artistic adviser.”

The Newest Thing In Summer Festivals: The Classical Crossover

Adrian Utley's Guitar Orchestra at Orchestra in a Field

“One of the knee-jerk settings in collaborations like this is to have the orchestra do the big soupy chords, the sweeping string section. That to me is just window dressing. My intention is to bring an orchestra into contact with electronic music in order to make it do something provocative, aggressive.”

Is Digital Art Coming Of Age?

Digital Art London

“Younger collectors don’t find these works intimidating. They relate to them on a generational level. The market is still nascent, but this is a direction contemporary art is going in.”

The Perennial Question: How Can Musicians Do What They Love – And Still Make Money?

Making The Numbers Work

“With wedding music or random cocktail receptions, it is easy to offer rote performances and make an easy buck. But for the concerts that I’m sure most of us NewMusicBox musician fans love to perform—the concerts with music by living composers who have poured their energy and love into writing it—we can’t just phone it in. And we shouldn’t.”

Libraries Have So Many Books – And Librarians Have To Toss Them


“At the heart of the [weeding] method is a formula consisting of three factors—the number of years since the last copyright, the number of years since the book was last checked out, and a collection of six negative factors given the acronym MUSTIE, to help decide if a book has outlived its usefulness.”

Struggling Shows Vie For Placement At The Tonys

Beautiful the Musical

“There is the public contest, where presenters hand out the trophies, packs of producers race for the microphone and creative types make teary speeches. And then there is the hidden one, perhaps more important, which involves jockeying for position in regards to which show comes out best on the televised broadcast.”

Should The U.S. Lower The Legal Boom On Amazon?

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.16.17 AM

“Somewhat perversely, until now, the closest encounter Amazon has had with antitrust authorities was when it successfully prodded them to bring a case against five major publishers and Apple. That fight, too, centered on the price of e-books.”

The Whole Damn Amazon-Hachette Dispute Didn’t Even Need To Happen


“The publishing world that is speaking as one against Amazon is really made up of two principal factions: publishers and authors. Their interests are not identical, and authors should consider the possibility that the publishers have contributed to the difficult situation they now face. Literature could end up suffering for it.”

Dissonance – In The Eye Of The Beholder?


Discordant sounds are just one element of dissonance. One reason the term is elusive is that the concept is both subjective (“What is harmony to one ear, may be dissonance to another,” as the writer Joseph Addison put it in 1711) and contextual.

The Met Opera Budget (Explained?)


Take, for example, the $169,000 poppy field used in this season’s $4.3 million production of “Prince Igor.” How does a flower patch cost $169,000? To explain, the Met pulled back the curtain on the five-year process of developing and budgeting “Prince Igor.”

Sony Moves One Of Hollywood’s Biggest Visual Effects Studios To Vancouver


“Vancouver has developed into a world-class centre for visual effects and animation production,” said Randy Lake, executive vice president and general manager at Sony Pictures Digital Productions, in a statement issued on Friday morning. “It offers an attractive lifestyle for artists in a robust business climate.”

Cuban Cabaret Comes To The Ballet

cuban cabaret

“Most aspiring dancers and choreographers spend their teens perfecting their arabesques in ballet class or their spins in hip-hop. But when … Rosie Herrera was 16, she was learning a very different side of dance – as a showgirl strutting the stage of the Little Havana theatrical cabaret Teatro de Bellas Artes in fishnet stockings, high heels, feathered headdress and not much else.”