As Courts Look On, Online Comments Are Under Threat


“One of the great questions for the future of the net is: to what extent this extraordinary freedom will be allowed to remain in the hands of the people, and to what extent will it be limited and regulated? If a recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights is anything to go by, perhaps we should expect more of the latter.”

Dancer-Choreographer William McClellan Dead At 36


“He danced on the tables at his grade school. … As an adult, he used his credit cards to co-found a dance troupe … [and] danced and choreographed for a decade with Ohio’s Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.” He had been continuing with a promising career in choreography and teaching when he began a struggle with limbic encephalitis.

The Original Artisanal Hipsters?


“The Pre-Raphaelites – that dreamy, incestuous, awkward group of Victorian artists, writers, and aesthetes – are back.” (Does this mean that Gilbert & Sullivan’s Patience was the original Portlandia?)

The Groundlings At 40: Still Making Los Angeles A Comedy Hotbed


“Students work through five levels over roughly five years before gaining a shot at joining the Sunday company, which itself is a steppingstone to being a Groundling. Only the best are voted in. Though close to 1,000 students are enrolled in the program, there are only 30 Groundlings at any one time — and they write and perform without pay while collectively serving as the company’s artistic director.”

We’re All Faking It, Based On Twitter And Facebook


“What matters to us, awash in petabytes of data, is not necessarily having actually consumed this content firsthand but simply knowing that it exists — and having a position on it, being able to engage in the chatter about it. We come perilously close to performing a pastiche of knowledgeability that is really a new model of know-nothingness.”