William Forsythe Retiring From His Own Dance Company


Ten years after he founded the Forsythe Company, based in Frankfurt and Dresden, following a controversial wavering of support from the city of Frankfurt (where he spent 20 years leading Ballet Frankfurt to international renown), William Forsythe is leaving his troupe on the hands of former Frankfurt dancer Jacopo Godani. (“I am assuming that the name of the company will change,” said Forsythe.)

Do You Youngsters Even Know Who Stockhausen Was?


Tim Page reminds all you millennial types just why Karlheinz Stockhausen was important enough to make the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – and why it’s the composer’s own fault that a generation or two of music geeks has grown up more or less unaware of him.

Are Ernest Hemingway Books Unfilmable?


“Frank Borzage’s 1932 version of A Farewell To Arms is certainly a great movie, as sublime and rapturous as anything he made, but Borzage’s aesthetic values are the polar opposite of Hemingway’s – shimmering and intensely romantic, all his movies feel as if they were shot in heaven – and the result, which fits snugly into the director’s canon, has no place at all in the writer’s”

You A Writer? Prepare For A Lifetime Of Humiliation

humiliation and obscurity

“It is much better for a writer to be underrecognized than over, in terms of keeping one’s head down, like the proverbial Japanese nail, so that one might observe the world unhammered and unimpeded. Abjure fame and avoid obscurity. But between those extremes lies the perch where a writer occasionally might do some good work.”

So, The First Pot Concert Happened At The Colorado Symphony

Classically Cannabis

“The first of three fundraisers in which invite-only attendees were encouraged to bring their own marijuana, Friday’s ‘Classically Cannabis’ event also featured a patio on which attendees casually smoked pot from joints, vaporizer pens and glass pipes under umbrellas as a light rain fell.”

The Shawshank Residuals


“Twenty years after an unremarkable opening, The Shawshank Redemption still holds a powerful grip on viewers. How one of Hollywood’s great second acts keeps making money.”