Brazil’s New Dance Craze, From Rio’s Favelas To The Big-Time

A still from Passinho Dance-Off.

“Hailed by some as the new capoeira, passinho is a lightning-quick dance style that evokes 1980s b-boy battles in the Bronx, as performers push their physical limits in exhilarating head-to-head contests. Within the space of a decade, it has gone from a side attraction within the bailes funk – those raucous, illicit parties that light up Rio’s outer neighbourhoods – to a national phenomenon with primetime TV slots, lucrative sponsorships and star status for a lucky few.”

American Schadenfreude (Not Exactly An Oxymoron, But ….)


“What I find interesting is that no such word or phrase exists in American English. … Certainly, there is no piecing together ‘shame’ and ‘joy’ to make ‘shamejoy,’ as in German. Shame and joy are antithetical, distant, never meant to share the same bed. That’s because schadenfreude does not square with America’s national obsession with the comeback story.”

On Opera And The Critic’s Responsibility


Anne Midgette: “As the discussion [about critics’ unkind comments about a mezzo’s appearance onstage] continues to rage online, and the glee of the critic-bashers mounts, I feel the need to make three more points” about larger issues involved.

Conductor Franz-Paul Decker, 90


“Possibly the last living musician to have met Richard Strauss” and particularly respected as an orchestra builder, Decker served at various times as the chief conductor of the Rotterdam Philharmonic, Montreal Symphony, Barcelona Symphony, and New Zealand Symphony Orchestras.

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Iran Arrests Kids For Posting “Happy” Video


“The song has sparked similar videos all over the world, with people dancing down streets and smiling in choreographed crowds. But in Iran, some see the trend as promoting the spread of Western culture, as laws in the Islamic Republic ban women from dancing in public or appearing outside without the hijab.”

‘Imagine A Cross Between ‘Opera News’ And BuzzFeed’


The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra musicians’ website, full of interesting, varied, and playful stuff, “was recently overhauled by a group of its web-savvy younger players: an Internet start-up born in the orchestra. But right now it is as notable for what it does not dwell on as for what it does” (meaning the contract negotiations).