Alain de Botton Is Everywhere In The Art World


“Working at what he describes as “the interaction between culture and life”, he has sold 6m books. He was in Amsterdam to give a talk for the opening of his Art is Therapy show at the Rijksmuseum. Concurrent shows are under way at Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.”

Blinded Bolshoi Ballet Director Sergei Filin: ‘The Dancing, I See Perfectly’


“In a rehearsal, he micromanages every last nuance of expression – the curve of the fingers, the gestures, musical timing – as he coaches dancers through a pas de deux. He runs from corner to corner, with Chudin following, and (Filin can’t help himself) he demonstrates how Chudin should jump. Quick and light, like a jackrabbit. Watching him, his mother covers her eyes.”

After New Chinese Museums Open With Big Shows, What Happens Next?


“These cities are not cultural centres, but have experienced a boom due to their coal, oil and gas industries. Expensive property investments there have led to a rise in regional and city art museums. But these museums are established with little research or planning and their weaknesses—collecting, staffing, marketing—are later exposed.”

Why ‘Do What You Love’ Is So Silly


“The universally recognized paragons of humanity — the Nelson Mandelas, Dietrich Bonhoeffers and Martin Luther Kings — did not organize their lives around self-fulfillment and bucket lists. They, no doubt, found a sense of meaning in their heroic acts of self-sacrifice, but they did not do what they were doing in order to achieve that sense of meaning.”