What Has Happened To Modern Dance? (Did It Go Away?)


“I used to think that modern dance turned into contemporary dance, that it evolved naturally. (In my own evolution as a dancer, I passed through Graham, Limón, Cunningham, Tharp, and Trisha Brown.) But I see now that the work of Graham and Limón is still very much with us. Modern and contemporary dance co-exist.”

Should You Start A New Music Ensemble?


“Can you get people other than close friends and colleagues to your concerts with what you’re doing? (Because if these are your usual attendees, you may end up with a sad turnout if they are at a mutual friend’s ensemble’s concert on the same evening.)”

Is This The Most Remote Museum On Earth?


“Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city, is a full five days’ sail northwest of here at 14 knots. South Georgia is an unforgiving place, and its museum—which preserves the memory of whalers who once lived here, the 175,250 whales who died here, and the final chapters in the life of one of history’s most celebrated explorers—is at the literal end of the Earth.”

The Man Trying To Save Malawi’s Cultural Heritage


“The department had no inventory of its holdings. There was virtually no funding for the restoration of buildings. And some of the country’s most important cultural and tourist destinations — granite hills painted with images of animals centuries ago — were being damaged.”

The Women Of Ontario’s Shaw Festival


“At Stratford, not only are there more female directors (five out of 12) than at any other time in recent memory, but performances like those of Lucy Peacock and Seana McKenna in last year’s Mary Stuart prove that this is a company where strong women take pride of place.”

Philadelphia Museum Of Art Unveils Gehry’s Design For Expansion

Phila Museum Gehry exp

“Should all go as envisioned, virtually no changes will be visible from outside the building, aside from staircase enclosures mandated by the city’s fire code, and a redesigned landscape leading to the west entrance … Yet the project will eventually add 78,000 square feet of new gallery space, including 55,000 square feet carved from the schist under the terrace facing the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.”

The TV Ad That Has Dancers Fuming


“Imagine a Gatorade ad where a kicker misses every field goal, or a Nike spot where a runner trips over hurdles. It would be a little bizarre. Something similar, though perhaps not as obvious to the average viewer, happens in this ad from Free People clothing, and it has many trained dancers in an uproar.”

Family And Archdiocese In Tug-Of-War Over Eakins Portrait

garvey by eakins

Msgr. Patrick J. Garvey was rector of the St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, where a portrait of Garvey by Thomas Eakins has been hanging for years. Now the seminary badly needs the money from a sale of the painting, but Garvey’s family insists it was a loan and not a gift and is trying to block an auction.

Corcoran Gallery Closes Deal To Merge With National Gallery And GWU


“The Corcoran Gallery of Art will contribute about $48 million of endowment funds and proceeds from a previous sale of precious rugs to help finance the new arrangement under which George Washington University will operate the art school and the National Gallery of Art will receive most of the art, officials said Thursday afternoon.”

San Diego Opera Officially Separates From Campbells


“‘Ian Campbell, Ann Spira Campbell and the opera have agreed to try and resolve their differences in an amicable manner and no further comments will be made at this time,’ opera officials said in a brief statement.” Ian had run the company for 31 of its 49 years, with now-ex-wife Ann as his deputy, until stakeholders rebelled at the sudden decision earlier this year to dissolve the company.

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Michael Scolamiero As Miami City Ballet’s New Executive Director


“The 54-year old New Jersey native was executive director for 17 years at the Pennsylvania Ballet, where he led a successful $12 million effort to boost the company’s size, start an endowment, and fund new ballets; as well as an ongoing $25 million campaign to fund new headquarters for the Philadelphia-based troupe.”

Ticketing Scams Cost Victims Millions


“Among the 4,555 reports were 22 victims who lost £10,000 or more. Almost half the cases involved flight or concert and festival tickets, although people buying tickets for sporting events were also targeted.”

Guggenheim Refutes Criticism About Guggenheim Venice


“The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation has issued a statement refuting the complaints of Peggy Guggenheim’s descendants as leveled in the current lawsuit filed over the operations of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.”

The Critic Who Saved The New York Public Library


Wall Street Journal architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable’s was “one of the first comprehensive critiques to appear in the mainstream media, and it didn’t so much run as detonate. At a stroke it shifted the ground of the debate from the library’s “What” to the critics’ “Why?”—galvanizing the opposition and establishing itself as the touchstone for all subsequent discussions of the issue, whatever side you were on.”