‘Glorious Leader!’, The New Kim Jong Un Video Game

glorious leader 2

“Democratic People’s Republic of Korea commands you to know that the capitalistic pigs at Moneyhorse LLC, are developing Glorious Leader!” In the guise of Kim III, players can shoot down US paratroopers, face down an American tank in front of the Juche Monument, ride a narwhal through a mined harbor, and meet Dennis Rodman on a basketball court. (includes trailer)

The First Children’s Picture Book

First Childrens Picture Book

“Originally published in 1658 in Latin and German,” Orbis Sensualium Pictus – or The World of Things Obvious to the Senses drawn in Pictures, as it was rendered in English – “with its 150 pictures showing everyday activities like brewing beer, tending gardens, and slaughtering animals, is immediately familiar as an ancestor of today’s children’s literature.”

The Genesis Of ‘Dr. Strangelove’


“It may be hard to believe now, but Kubrick’s original intention was to do a straight, serious movie. … As he began working on the screenplay with Peter George, however, he gagged on the idea of a straight version of the material.”

Here’s How The Conventions Of Traditional TV Are About To Change


“The half-hour sitcom? The hour-long drama? These are conventions that came into existence for reasons that don’t matter anymore. Soon, the conventions themselves won’t matter anymore, either. Welcome to the real new golden age of television — television without limits.”

The Robots That Are Teaching Language To Young Kids


“Unlike educational TV shows, say, the robots are physically present and have some of the same social skills as humans. That gives them the potential to tap into a child’s appetite for one-to-one communication and help kids learn in many of the same ways a human teacher does. This is especially important when it comes to language skills.”

Australia Slashes Arts Funding By $110M

aus money

“More than $28 million will be cut from the Australia Council [for the Arts], $33.8m from arts programs ran by the Attorney-General’s department, $25.1m from Screen Australia and $9.4m from the indigenous languages support program.”

Roadside Poem Combats Pollution – Literally

air poem

“‘Poetry makes nothing happen,’ William Butler Yeats once wrote. But then he never got a chance to read ‘In Praise of Air,’ a poem by Simon Armitage just installed on a building along a busy road at the University of Sheffield, England, and billed as the world’s first bit of air-cleansing verse.”

Philadelphia’s Newest Art Venue Is A Railroad Corridor


A very heavily traveled corridor, too: the track between North Philadelphia and 30th Street Station. Big swathes of the blighted landscape that commuters usually see out their windows are now covered with washes and patterns of hot pink, brilliant orange and white or neon green.

London Theatre Finally Begins Looking Toward Europe’s Vanguard

A scene from A View from the Bridge

A clutch of successful productions are – in outlook, approaches to staging, and sometimes even choice of directors – finally bringing serious theatre in the British capital toward dialogue with its counterparts on the Continent. Yet, argues Andrew Haydon, there’s still some distance to go, especially in presenting new European plays in translation.

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Dreams Of (And An Architect For) A New $300 Million Museum In Vancouver. But…


“The contempt with which the Conservatives hold the cultural community in the city is palpable. You get no sense when talking to top-ranking Tories that they believe Vancouver is a metropolis deserving of a world-class museum; more so is the belief the city needs to grow up a bit first, become a little more worldly and sophisticated.”

France Fires President Of Picasso Museum

picasso msueum pres

“The French government dismissed the embattled president of the Musée Picasso on Tuesday amid an employee revolt and a bitter debate over delays in reopening the museum, which has been closed for renovation for almost five years.”