Fired Director Of 92nd St. Y Commits Suicide

sol adler

Sol Adler, 60, was dismissed by the Jewish cultural organization’s board after his longtime undisclosed affair with a subordinate was discovered during a corruption investigation. His body was discovered by his wife on Friday in their Brooklyn home.

How Did Glasgow Become An Art Powerhouse?

Glasgow art

“How has a declining post-industrial city, with practically no art-collector base, with important historical collections but skeletal contemporary institutions, become so culturally dominant in the UK and, indeed, in Europe?”

The Art In New York That’s Designed To Fall Apart

Mi Familia Muerta

“Unlike the rest of the High Line, which has earned plaudits for its precise architectural design, the last section will open to the public with a temporary walkway running beside grounds left in their natural state, with weeds and rogue plants borne from seeds blowing around” – and the decaying works of art.

After A Lot Of Public Outcry, Net Neutrality Might Be (Kind Of) Back

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 10.54.58 PM

“The revised proposal would aim to stop large internet providers such as Comcast from brokering deals with content companies on special terms, and would seek comment on whether ‘paid prioritization’ — when broadband providers slow access to nonpaying companies’ sites and services — should be banned.”

Wait, Why Doesn’t *Every* Workplace Let Its Workers Do What They Want (As Long As They Meet Their Goals)?

abandon the office.

“People could work from home absolutely anytime they felt like it, without needing a reason or excuse. There would be no such thing as a sick day or a vacation allotment—employees could take off as much time as they wanted, whenever they saw fit. Perhaps most provocative: All meetings would be optional. Even if your boss had invited you. Don’t think you need to be there? Don’t come.”

The Official Music Of China? Kenny G


For years the tune, in all its seductive woodwind glory, has been a staple of Chinese society. Every day, “Going Home” is piped into shopping malls, schools, train stations and fitness centers as a signal to the public that it is time, indeed, to go home.

After An Argument With Renzo Piano, Architect Quits On Academy Of Motion Pictures Museum


“Sources say the imperious 76-year-old Piano, 1998’s recipient of the Pritzker Prize (the highest honor in architecture) who has been an icon in the field since his joint design with Richard Rogers on Paris’ Centre Pompidou in 1971, clashed with 53-year-old Pali over unspecified creative and practical issues related to the project. “

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