UK’s National Theatre Can’t Call The Shed ‘The Shed’ Anymore


The bright red 220-seat pop-up space outside the dull grey Southbank Centre was planned as a one-year project, but it’s been so popular that they’re keeping it until 2017. But the National only licensed the name “The Shed” (which belongs to a small venue in Yorkshire) through last month. What’ll they call it now?

What Happens When Critics Write Novels?


“When we talk about the novelist as critic, or the critic as novelist, the as matters. It creates a hierarchy by tucking one identity inside the other, like a pair of Russian nesting dolls. Which body is the central one, the beating heart?”

NPR Names Eighth CEO In Eight Years

Jarl Mohn NPR

Jarl Mohn “is the founder of the E! Entertainment Television cable channel and has a long list of media investments and corporate board appointments on his résumé. Among other positions, he was general manager of MTV and VH1 cable networks between 1986 and 1990.”

What Artists Are Doing Wrong – And How They Can Fix It


“There are so many possibilities. So many mistakes that artists make – like not taking the business side of art seriously or only taking it seriously in the middle of a crisis when, as I mentioned in my last post, it is too late. Or romanticizing the ‘starving artist’ notion. Or allowing themselves to become resentful of other artists’ success. I could go on.”

Amazon Argues With A Publisher, And Writers Get Hurt


“Among Amazon’s tactics against Hachette, some of which it has been employing for months, are charging more for its books and suggesting that readers might enjoy instead a book from another author. If customers for some reason persist and buy a Hachette book anyway, Amazon is saying it will take weeks to deliver it.”

Amazon Is Telling Some Customers Their Mainstream Publishers’ Books Won’t Be Available For Five Weeks


So much for instant drone delivery: “The affected books are a mixture of new and old. A just-published memoir, ‘Everybody’s Got Something,’ by the ‘Good Morning America’ anchor Robin Roberts, is taking as long as three weeks to ship, customers were told. So is Stephen Colbert’s ‘America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t.'”