The First Time Ira Glass Took Ecstasy

ira glas

“I am mostly a pretty worried person. In conversations, I am always worried about what to say. The first time I took ecstasy, all of that lifted away. All the anxiety, which is the baseline of my life in some way, and I had this moment of like, wait a second! Are there people who feel this way all the time? This is like a whole way to be, where you don’t feel anxious? Oh my god!”

Six Ways Of Looking At Death


Dean Olsher talks with a maker of build-your-own-casket kits, a mortician on his way to pick up a body, a paleontologist with the long view (the extra-extra-long view) of mortality, a historian who thinks we look at death the ways Victorians looked at sex, a retired surgeon who’d never want to go back to life before his cancer diagnosis, and an author who argues we should have our funerals while we’re around to enjoy them, (audio)

Harrison Birtwistle Talks About A Life In Music

harrison birtwistle at home in wiltshire

“In retrospect, I can see that as I learned to read music and to understand about notation, so there was a sort of creativity at work – I made efforts to write my own music. It sounded like nothing. I wrote single lines and I’ve been doing it ever since!”