Do Critics Add Value? Or…


“What is the value of the arts, and criticism of it? Really, the question becomes: are you adding to the collective richness of the local tapestry, or are you letting it fade away by turning your back on it?”

Gabriel Garcia Márquez Told Producers ‘One Hundred Years Of Solitude’ Was Unfilmable


“Márquez told [Harvey] Weinstein that if he, and director Giuseppe Tornatore, wanted the rights to One Hundred Years of Solitude they were the men for the job. But there was one catch: ‘We must film the entire book, but only release one chapter – two minutes long – each year, for 100 years,’ Weinstein said.”

Searchers Find Thousands Of Copies Of Atari’s ‘ET’ Video Game In A New Mexico Landfill


“The ‘Atari grave’ was, until that moment, a highly debated tale among gaming enthusiasts and other self-described geeks for 30 years. The story claimed that in its death throes, the video game company sent about a dozen truckloads of cartridges of what many call the worst video game ever to be forever hidden in a concrete-covered landfill in southeastern New Mexico.”