Why Aren’t There More Studies On Cats’ Intelligence?


After all, it seems like some new research on cognition in dogs comes out every month or so. Why don’t cats get the same attention in the lab? As one of the world’s top animal cognition scientists put it, “We did one study on cats – and that was enough!”

Should Theatre Have Ratings Like The Movies Do?


For the most part, live theater — even that mass audience magnet, the Broadway musical — has managed to escape such labeling, with presenters convinced theater audiences tend to be sophisticated enough to do whatever “pre-screening” they might think necessary on their own, especially if they’re planning to “take the kids.”

There’s a Lost Generation of ’90s Indie Filmmakers

lost generation

Richard Brody: “The paradox of independent filmmaking is that it often replicates, on a low budget and a small scale, the commercial mainstream’s production process and approach to acting. On the one hand, that’s why many independent filmmakers of that time turned out to be Hollywood-ready when things worked out right. On the other, that’s why, for some, it was tough to come up with a cinematic Plan B when they didn’t.”

Thomas Piketty’s Economic Argument Applies To Art, Too (And How)


“The French economist’s new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, is a historic survey of wealth concentration that has quickly become a go-to text for the gathering debate on income inequality. … It is worth considering how the unprecedented amounts of money the wealthy have recently been spending on trophy artworks might be a natural extension of his argument.”

‘He Was The Greatest Of Us All’: Salman Rushdie on Gabriel García Márquez

Garcia Marquez

“I knew García Márquez’s colonels and generals, or at least their Indian and Pakistani counterparts; his bishops were my mullahs; his market streets were my bazaars. His world was mine, translated into Spanish. It’s little wonder I fell in love with it – not for its magic (although, as a writer reared on the fabulous ‘wonder tales’ of the East, that was appealing too) but for its realism.”

NY Times Architecture Critic Dives Into Transit Policy: Build A Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar!

streetcar Brooklyn Queens

Michael Kimmelman: “So while Mayor Bill de Blasio continues to refine his agenda, including that promise of 200,000 units of affordable housing, he might consider a streetcar connecting Red Hook to Astoria. … I’m not talking Ye Olde Trolley. This is transit for New Yorkers who can’t wait another half-century for the next subway station.”

How Much Is The Work Of A Met Opera Chorister Worth?

Met Opera chorister

“No one blinks when an experienced corporate manager earns a six-figure salary in this city. But an opera singer? We still romanticize the image of the starving artist. We like to think that talent will eventually fill dinner plates and checking accounts. But in real life, people who can’t pay their bills often put aside their passions, starved of the training, the attention and the resources they need to shine.”

The Birth of Soviet Rock

Sovet rock

Revisiting the furtive, constrained, vibrant, heady early days back in the USSR with people who were there from the very beginning in 1970s Riga and Leningrad.

Las Vegas Philharmonic Names Music Director

Las Vegas Phil music director

“Resident conductor of the San Francisco Symphony and music director of the symphony’s Youth Orchestra since 2009, [Donato] Cabrera became music director of the Bay Area’s California Symphony and the New Hampshire Music Festival last year. He’s also music director of Wisconsin’s Green Bay Symphony, a post he’s held since 2011.”

Pianist And Critic Harris Goldsmith, 78

Harris Goldsmith

“A rarity in classical music for his simultaneous careers as a professional pianist and a music critic … [and] known for his humor, wit and encyclopedic memory of recordings and performances, Mr. Goldsmith was a frequent contributor Musical America and High Fidelity magazine … as well as a prolific writer of liner and program notes.”

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Guerilla Comeback: The Odd Case Of The Writer Reclaiming Her Work


“Now, in one of the stranger comebacks in literary history, LJ Smith is independently resurrecting her stories about the adolescent undead. She’s publishing her own version of “The Vampire Diaries” digitally on Amazon, as fan fiction, creating a parallel fictional universe that many hard-core fans regard as more legitimate than the official canon.”