Ralph Vaughan Williams Tops Classic FM Annual Top Classical List


“The composition – written in its earliest form exactly a century ago – toppled Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No 2, which had reigned for three years in the annual Classic FM Hall Of Fame list. The Lark Ascending last topped the poll in 2010 and three years ago it was named the nation’s favourite Desert Island Discs tune.”

What Happens To Art When It’s Repatriated


“While much attention has focused on the act of repatriation, The New York Times looked at what happened to several objects after they went back. Some works, returned with great fanfare, have taken on greater meaning back on view in the countries or cultures that produced them. Other times, after the triumphalism fades, they fall victim to benign neglect, or are not always easy to reach.”

The Aereo Case Will Determine The Future Of Television


“Aereo would give so-called cord cutters the means to assemble a more affordable package of online streaming options like Amazon Prime, Apple TV or Netflix, and still spend a Sunday afternoon watching the N.F.L. and ’60 Minutes’ immediately afterward. As antenna-driven viewing has dropped and digital consumption has surged, Aereo is a way to put old wine in a new bottle.”

As The Folk Museum Falls, Critics Emerge For MoMA And Its Director


“Critics warn that MoMA’s second expansion in a decade — which will create an ‘art bay’ open to West 53rd Street where ‘spontaneous events’ could be accommodated; free admission for the entire first floor; and a new combination gallery-and-performance space — will move the museum only further in a crowd-pleasing direction, eroding the seriousness and critical distance from popular culture that built its reputation.”

Why Don’t People Like Google Glass?


Basically, it makes them look “stupid.” — “I don’t think our society’s rejection of Glass is necessarily rooted in stated concerns about privacy, exclusivity, class dynamics, disconnection from the world, or many of the other arguments that have been put forth. These are well-established, modern problems that Glass makes only marginally worse. Instead I believe the resistance to Glass is about our fear of assistive technology”