Study: Some Parts Of Our Brains Deteriorate Significantly After Age 24


“Using a piecewise regression analysis, we find that age-related slowing of within-game, self-initiated response times begins at 24 years of age,” the authors write. In other words, older players took longer to respond to new visual playing conditions before taking action. And, according to the study, it was “a significant performance deficit,” which likely has consequences even outside abstruse digital space wars.

There IS A Plan To Save San Diego Opera

San Diego Opera logo

“A sharply reduced budget, innovative programming and a list of donors who will step up if San Diego Opera’s current leaders are replaced might be enough to rescue the company from shutdown in two weeks, … [said] Carol Lazier, the San Diego Opera board member who pledged $1 million to save the company.”

Reopening Of Paris’s Picasso Museum Delayed Again

Picasso Museum Paris

The Musée Picasso has been closed for renovations for more than four years. “The building site is all but ready, the lights for the art works are in place and except for a few minor technical items, everything is done,” according to the museum’s spokesperson, who gave neither an explanation for the delay nor a revised opening date.

The Kept Women Of 18th-Century Paris, And The Police Who Kept Tabs On Them

kept women of Paris - Pompadour

Europe’s first vice squad “compiled vast dossiers of information on the city’s elite sex workers and their patrons. But they rarely acted on that information. To this day, it remains a mystery why the Parisian police spent so much time and effort observing an underground economy it apparently had no interest in curtailing. But their files are an historian’s dream.”

The Rise of Japan’s Creepy-Cute Craze

creepy-cute in Japan

“Long considered the global capital of cute, Japan is currently experiencing a boom in less-than-cuddly characters … Called kimo-kawaii, translated as ‘gross cute,’ the phenomenon … is part cultural backlash to Japan’s decades-long adorability binge, and part smart marketing tactic.”

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A Statistical Analysis Of What Bob Ross Painted On TV


“I used an algorithm to divide the entire set of 403 paintings from “The Joy of Painting” into clusters of similar paintings. I wanted to know whether it was possible to identify the 10 basic paintings featured on the PBS series. To do this, I ran a k-means clustering analysis of the paintings.3 The results were mixed.”

Pediatricians Warn About Kids’ Use Of Touch Screens


“The American Academy of Pediatrics is unequivocal: If your kid is under 2, no screens. For older kids, two hours a day, max. But the AAP doesn’t differentiate between activities; education apps, base-jumping videos, first-person shooters, ebooks, Sesame Street, and The Shining are all thrown into the same bucket. It’s all just screen time.”

Could A Hotel Help Revive LA’s Theatre Street?


“The theaters’ fates appear to be turning around, having bounced off rock bottom and ridden (and contributed to) a wave of revitalization in the heart of the country’s second largest city. Perhaps the most promising re-launch is the United Artists Theater, which has been incorporated into the recently opened Ace Hotel.”