In The Internet Age Do We Still Need Editors Of Vision?


“The role of editor emerged in an era of constraint: there are only so many words and pictures you can fit into fifty pages of newsprint. We now live in the age of abundance, in which anything and everything can be published. There is, in theory, less need for an editor to say what works and what doesn’t.”

Random House Wins Bidding To Publish New Shirley Jackson Collection

Shirley Jackson

“The new collection, called Garlic in Fiction, is edited by two of Ms. Jackson’s children … and includes her fiction (like the short story ‘Paranoia,’ which was published for the first time in The New Yorker last summer), as well as drawings, lectures and works of nonfiction that previously appeared in women’s magazines of the 1940s and ’50s.”

Staging The Stories Of Bangladesh’s Shamed And Forgotten ‘War Heroines’

A scene from Birangona: Women of War

The birangona (Bengali for “brave woman” or “war heroine”) were ordinary Bengalis, hundreds of thousands of them, who were abducted and raped by Pakistani soldiers during the Bangladeshi War of Independence – only to be rejected by their families and communities afterward. Leesa Gazi has used their testimony to create a theatre piece now touring England.

In Defense Of Aerial Dance

Fidget Feet aerial dance theatre

Lindsey Butcher, artistic director of Gravity & Levity: “Audiences don’t quite know what it is. Circus aficionados tend to think it waters down aerial skills and feel excluded because it is contemporary dance, but equally I’ve had dance buffs tell me I’m ‘selling out’ to circus. The truth is that aerial dance borrows from both disciplines but aims to forge its own artistic identity.”

The Remarkable Neville Marriner At 90

Neville Marriner

“Given his work ethic and the fact that it’s only 4pm, Marriner could probably conduct a quick opera and record a string quartet before the day’s out. Doubtless there’s more coming from the Academy of you-know-where conducted by you-know-who.”

Simon Brault Named New Head Of Canada Council For The Arts


“Brault, CEO of the National Theatre School in Montreal, a former vice-chair of the Canada Council’s board and a co-founder of Quebec’s annual Journées de la culture (Culture Days), will assume the job June 26 for a five-year term, the Canada Council said in a news release.”

Annie Baker’s ‘The Flick’ Wins Pulitzer For Drama

Annie Baker The Flick

A three-hour play “drama that prompted an abundance of head-scratching and some audience walkouts during its off-Broadway run last year,” The Flick “follows the employees of a single-screen movie theater as they clean, converse and otherwise pass the time silently in front of the big screen.”

San Diego Opera Isn’t 100% Doomed (Yet)

San Diego Opera house

“The company’s board of directors met Friday afternoon and voted to keep an April 29 deadline for the opera’s closure. But the board also formed a special committee of six members to explore alternatives to shutting down. … The special committee will focus on the retention of consultants, [the board chair] said, but she didn’t explain the purpose of those consultants.”

L.A. Moves To Unfreeze $7.5M In Frozen Arts Money

la tied up arts money

The funds, from a levy on developers to pay for public art and/or performance, have been accruing unspent since a 2007 City Attorney ruling that the money had to be spent within one block of the construction that generated it – which, depending on the location, isn’t always realistic.

Passover, The Jewish Holiday For Goyim


“Every spring, restaurants, churches, and student organizations invite non-Jews to relive the Israelites’ exodus from bondage. How did such an exclusive feast come to have seats for so many different faiths? … Does it dilute the real essence of Passover to turn the seder into a general celebration of freedom and a call for universal justice? Is it really that commendable to dip one’s toe into millennia of someone else’s tradition?”

The ‘Failed Intellectual’ Who Became Twitter’s Favorite Nihilist


Or, how a soon-to-be-former German professor (he gave up on getting tenure) acquired more than 67,000 followers for his “compendium of utopian negation”. (Sample: “The Tickle Me Werner Herzog doll I got for Christmas only laughs when I tell him the universe isn’t utterly indifferent to our pain.”)

John Luther Adams Wins Pulitzer For “Become Ocean”


The work, premiered on June 20, 2013, by the Seattle Symphony and published by Taiga Press/Theodore Front Musical Literature (BMI), was described in the citation as “a haunting orchestral work that suggests a relentless tidal surge, evoking thoughts of melting polar ice and rising sea levels.”