Kyle Abraham, Modern Dance’s It Boy

Kyle Abraham

“In the last two years, it seems, the 36-year-old dancer and choreographer has suddenly landed in the spotlight. Abraham’s strong social messages and hybrid style have made him the darling of the dance world establishment … Now, everyone is asking: What will Kyle Abraham do next?”

Choreography From The Dancer’s Viewpoint

New York Philharmonic

“It’s not always discussed, but dancers are as integral to the creative process as choreographers. That notion gives Sara Mearns, the fearless and ravishing principal at New York City Ballet, reason to pause: ‘I think I’ve had maybe two questions before about my point of view.'”

Choreographers Bare Their Thoughts About Onstage Nudity

baring it all

Marie Chouinard, Jonah Bokaer, Sibi Larbu Cherkaoui, Sidra Bell and Alexander Ekman talk “about why and how they use the naked body in their work. While for some it requires serious deliberation and justification, others see nudity as just another tool in their artistic arsenal.”