How Do You Archive The Entire Internet? (That’s Our History We’re Talking About)


“The potential is vast. But the pitfalls are significant too. Not only could it change the way history is told but there are wider questions about who has the rights to guard the web’s past and, inevitably in these post-Snowden leak times, what the availability of this data means for individual privacy. So what is the best way to make history from the internet?”

Satellite Radio Is Changing The Music Business


“New music services from Sirius, Pandora, Spotify and others are starting to disrupt Nashville’s long-closed ecosystem, even as terrestrial broadcasters pour their resources into amassing country listeners, who are generally wealthier, better educated and more likely to use social media than fans of other genres, according to their research.”

How We Live – The Connectedness Problem


“The ubiquity of smartphones, and employers’ insistence that we keep them on, has morphed the traditional workday into something stretchy and inconsistent: Now, even when you are not in the office, you are very likely still working.”

Wonder Woman Was Supposed To Save The World For Peace. What Happened?


“The Golden Age of comics was chock-full of angry, violent male superheroes, so Marston created an alternative. He believed that women were superior to men, and that they would soon take over the world and usher in an age of peaceful matriarchy. Wonder Woman was his way to prepare young minds for the idea of a strong, capable woman, so as to better facilitate the coming matriarchy.”

Vienna Phil To Return Nazi-Looted Painting


“‘We have tried for many years to come to grips with the Vienna Philharmonic’s past and face up to our responsibility to make good historical injustices,’ orchestra director Clemens Hellsberg said.”

Want A Tax Break On Your Art? Hang It – Briefly – In Oregon


“Collectors who buy art in one state but live in another can owe thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of dollars in state ‘use taxes’: taxes often incurred when someone ships an out-of-state purchase home. But if they lend the recently purchased work first to museums like the Schnitzer, located in a handful of tax-friendly states, the transaction is often tax-free.”