Analysis Of Online Restaurant Reviews: Here’s What Sways the Judges


“The results can be surprising. The diners’ education levels? No effect on actual ratings. Population of the area? Again, not so much. But reviewers consistently gave worse ratings when it was raining or snowing outside than when it was clear. And reviewers usually liked restaurants better on warm and cool days, rather than very hot or very cold ones.”

‘Doctor Zhivago’ and the CIA


“A secret package arrived at CIA headquarters in January 1958. Inside were two rolls of film from British intelligence – pictures of the pages of a Russian-language novel titled Doctor Zhivago” which had been banned in the USSR. Yes, it seems that The Company was instrumental in getting Boris Pasternak’s Nobel-winning novel into print.

Savion Glover: Why I Tap


“I don’t tap dance for the sake of applause. I don’t tap dance for the sake of spectacle. I tap dance for equality, I tap dance for the recognition of the man in this country, what we had to go through as a people in order to claim existence in this country.”

Getting The Early Morning Phone Call To Star At The Met (And On Movie Screens Across The Country)


“Ms. Opolais, who said that she would normally be resting her voice after a night singing ‘Butterfly,’ found herself singing her second Puccini opera, and playing out her second Puccini death scene, on the stage of the Met within the space of 18 hours. While she had sung the role of Mimi at the Vienna State Opera and elsewhere, she had never done it at the Met.”

Who Could Ever Love An E-Book?

ebooks arent sensual

“You might refer to an e-reader as being neat, but there is no way anyone is going to call it beautiful. … You are not going to caress it in the same way you would a fine binding, or even admire the cover artwork.”

Peter Matthiessen, Writer And Founder Of The Paris Review, Dead At 86


“A rugged, weather-beaten figure who was reared and educated in privilege — an advantage that left him uneasy, he said — Mr. Matthiessen was a man of many parts: littérateur, journalist, environmentalist, explorer, Zen Buddhist, professional fisherman and, in the early 1950s, undercover agent for the Central Intelligence Agency in Paris.”