Why Do Toys Have To Be So Identified By Gender?

pink muscle toys.

“Campaigns such as Let Toys Be Toys in the United Kingdom have expressed frustration at the way manufacturers and shops have increasingly restricted the interests of girls to the narrow domain between the twin pink pillars of femininity—being caring and being pretty—while the broader, “different colored” terrain is for boys.”

The Problems With Music Criticism

Popcorn 2

“Perhaps I would be a better critic if I took the time to consider the output of Justin Bieber on the critical scoring points that matter to me, independent of the mainstream media through which I disregard him, but you won’t convince me of that.”

What E-Reading Can Do To, And For, Serial Books


“An e-reader encourages each of us to get sucked into our favorite characters and plots, thus turning what is normally a standardized experience (reading from page one forward) into a more customized, journey. I feel an ownership over the novels — something I’ve never felt with the show — and that’s the driving force of my obsession.”