What Makes A Composer “Great”?


“There is, of course, no science of creative greatness. Yet nobody thinks Rattigan is greater than Shakespeare, or Eric Coates (composer of the Desert Island Discs theme music) greater than Beethoven.”

The Age of the Weaponized Hashtag (#CancelColbert)

hashtag activism

“Twitter may be the most powerful amplifier for individual voices that history has ever seen. Messages that resonate accrue retweets and co-signatories, a shout builds into a roar, and a roar into a revolution. … And as a mechanism for generating a groundswell of opinion, it’s as dangerous as it is potent.”

San Francisco Conservatory’s Big Plans To Expand


“David Stull, who came to San Francisco last summer, after serving as dean of Oberlin Conservatory, spelled out a grand plan for the future at the black-tie event, attended by some of the city’s prominent philanthropists. The school, which grew exponentially with the 2006 move from the Sunset to its current Civic Center location, is now looking to further major physical and operational expansion.”

What’s The Key To Patience In The Age Of Distraction?


Much of our talk of patience today disguises itself with words like “attention,” “mindfulness,” and “time management.” Patience is required to pay attention to the article before us, to be mindful of the person in front of us, and to manage our time in such a way that we accomplish all the tasks required of us.

The Book Barge Was Sinking. Would Amazon Step In To Help?


“An experiment like this, I thought, could also be a useful corrective to the easy acceptance that value for money has just one currency. Consumers have come to expect discounts. In fact, most feel positively cheated if a price tag hasn’t been visibly slashed. By offering goods without any money at all exchanging hands, The Book Barge could become an attractive proposition to buyers.”

Cable Shows May Have The Prestige, But Networks Win On Diversity


“This broadcast trend flies in the face of conventional ‘wisdom,’ which has for years argued that shows featuring female, black, Latino, Asian or gay leads could only muster niche audiences. It has been taken as gospel that viewers in the heartland, i.e. Americans with conservative values, just aren’t ready for anything beyond the pale of ‘traditional’ programming.”