This Man Predicted the Multiverse in the 13th Century

This Man Predicted the Multiverse in the 13th Century

“When physicists translated a 13th-century Latin text into modern equations, they discovered that the English theologian who wrote it had unwittingly predicted the idea of the multiverse in 1225. While the work probably won’t advance current models, it does show that some of the philosophical conundrums posed by cosmology are surprisingly pervasive.”

Should Actors Say Goodbye To California?

california jobs

“If you’re having trouble getting in rooms in L.A. and you’re open to moving, or you have some sort of connection to the Southeast, then you’re better off moving to a hub like New Orleans or Atlanta and taking advantage of this market.”

Bookaholic? You And Your Bestie Are Now In The (Print!) OED


“The dictionary covers everything, not just words average people use in daily conversation. Among the new entries, for example, are drool-inducing adjectives like ethnopharmacologic and now-extinct creatures like the scimitar-horned oryx. (We’ll pour one out for you, Ory.)”

Saudi Book Fair Yanks Mahmoud Darwish’s ‘Blasphemous’ Poetry

Saudis yank Darwish

“The publications administration at the [Riyadh International] book fair, one of the biggest of its kind in the Arab world, ordered the removal of all books containing [the Palestinian poet’s] work after youths from the religious police complained about the content of the books. … Darwish, who died in 2008, is considered a modern Arab literary giant.”

How Did the Stakes for TV Series Finales Get So High?

series finale True Detective

“When I heard pleas from several friends in the week leading up to the last episode that True Detective would ‘stick the landing,’ it wasn’t just out of a hope that the narrative would tie up in a satisfying catharsis. The statement was filled with more anxiety than that – the need for a tangible return on obsessive investment.”

It’s Awkward to Be Writing a Novel Set in Present-Day Crimea


David Bezmozgis: “As I was writing the book, I kept changing when the action was set, constantly pushing the date ahead by another year … I closely followed the news to see if real events had yet outpaced my inventions. I expected this to happen at any moment in Israel, … [not in] Ukraine and Crimea, places I’d believed to be locked in a dismal kleptocratic stasis.”

Being a Paparazzo

being a paparazzo

As part of its series “You Hate My Job”, Marketplace sends a correspondent to work with guerrilla celebrity photographer and photo agency head Giles Harrison. (includes video and audio)

I Made the Muslim Hipster Video

Muslim hipsters

The original #mipster, Layla Shaikley, describes the exciting responses – and the dismaying backlashes – to the two-and-a-half-minute video clip that went viral last year.

Could Phobias and Addictions Be Treated With a Pill?

phobias with pills

“Drugs that work to boost learning may help someone with a phobia to ‘detrain their brain’, losing the fearful associations that fuel their panic. This approach is also showing promise for a host of other problems – from chemical and gambling addictions to obsessive nail-biting.”

Man Saved By Pianos In NYC Building Collapse

NYC Explosion

“The pianos flew in the air — pianos were all around me,” he said. “They were literally on their side. I was stuck in some miraculous cocoon” of pianos, he said of the massive wood and steel instruments that fell benignly around his body — shielding him from the weight of five stories worth of debris.

Is Your DNA As An Actor Set In The Womb?


“While raw talent and rigorous training are clearly vital, recent research suggests the importance of an even more fundamental factor: The level of testosterone the budding thespian was exposed to in his or her mother’s womb.”

Getty Endowment Recovers


“An audited financial statement posted on the Getty’s website reflects investment gains totaling $766.74 million from mid-2012 to mid-2013, enough to cover expenses while socking away about $534 million for the endowment. Officials said the endowment gained an additional $300 million during the second half of 2013, reaching $6.2 billion by year’s end.”