Nôtre-Dame de Paris Gets a Lighting Makeover

Notre Dame LEDs

“Many things look better with crisp-edged LEDs – traffic signals, airplane cabins, perhaps even Christmas lights. But what about the moody, atmospheric interior of a 12th-century French-Gothic cathedral?” Oh, yes – have a look and see.

Missing Norman Rockwell Turns Up in Ohio

missing Rockwell

“The 1939 painting, called Sport, was used as one of the many Saturday Evening Post covers for which the artist is well-known. It sold last spring for more than $1 million at an auction in New York and disappeared later last year” – in Queens, yet again.

Sam Mendes’ 25 Tips For Directors

Google ChromeScreenSnapz110

Avoid, please, all metaphors of plays or films as “pinnacles” or “peaks”; treat with absolute scorn the word “definitive”; and if anyone uses the word “masterpiece,” they don’t know what they’re doing. The pursuit of perfection is a mug’s game.

The Advantages Of Disadvantage

Tropfest New York 2013 In Brooklyn's Prospect Park On June 22nd

“There is this weird thing where having a little bit of resources is worse than having none. Or: having a few numbers of options is worse than having no options. It can be freeing to be at the very bottom.”

The Future Of Books: A Netflix-Like Subscription Model?


“So now that we know that it’s possible to deliver books like magazines, to sell them like magazines, and to target them at clusters of readers like magazines, the big question looms: Do book enthusiasts actually want to engage with literature the way they engage with magazines? And can they afford to?”

Tone-Deaf Minnesota Orchestra Board Bobbles Leadership


“This talented orchestra and Vänskä, who resigned as a show of support for his players, have almost come to represent a blue-collar crew who took on the elite in the city. But now with deadlines looming and the newfound attention the orchestra is receiving, there’s also a new pressure on the board to act.”

“Mozart In the Jungle” Gets Picked Up As A Series


Blair Tindall’s memoir turned into an Amazon.com series. “Amazon Studios has settled on four series orders among the 10 pilots the company announced last month were under consideration, according to sources close to the deals.”

Is Shakespeare’s Globe Wrong to Visit North Korea?

North Korea

With the London-based company about to begin a two-year global tour of Hamlet that they hope will include every nation on Earth, Amnesty International has given them a scolding for including Kim Jong Un’s domain on the itinerary. Mark Lawson considers the precedent – the long boycott of apartheid-era South Africa – and whether the situations are comparable.

Dancing the First World War

Tamara Rojo rehearses Lest We Forget

English National Ballet artistic director Tamara Rojo and her three choreographers – Liam Scarlett, Russell Maliphant and Akram Khan – talk about creating their upcoming mixed bill, titled Lest We Forget.

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Haves/Have-Nots: Here’s Who Reads In England


“More than one in four (27%) of adults from the poorest socio-economic backgrounds said they never read books themselves, compared with just 13% of those from the richest socio-economic backgrounds.”